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Ideas for Action

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Section I - New members

  • Why I Joined Rotary?
  • Interviewing a prospective new member
  • Rotary at a Glance
  • Ten things a potential member may not know about Rotary

Introduction - Recruit, Retain, Renew


In the 2009/10 Rotary Year the clubs in District 1080 increased total membership in the District for the first time for 10 years.  This increase was not accidental. It was achieved by Club Officers and individual Rotarians raising awareness in their clubs of the critical need to recruit new, younger members and giving concentrated thought and working hard to devise and undertake the programme of action required.

In the course of undertaking this programme Clubs and their members learned many lessons, both positive and, occasionally, negative. This document is designed to distil these lessons into a guide to good practice with some ideas, arguments, suggested activities, procedures, case studies, and checklists that could be of use to Clubs in preparing their own programmes.

There is, of course, no definitive 'right' way but there are things that have worked (and things that haven't) and it makes sense for us all to be aware of them.

If the 2009/10 membership increase is not to be just a 'blip' on a plunging graph then the enthusiasm to take action to recruit, to retain and, where possible, to extend, must continue.

These Ideas for Action are designed to help Club Officers with Membership responsibilities. It will also form a basis for a series of membership workshops to be held throughout District 1080. Above all it will be a dynamic, not a static, document changing as Clubs' experience grows turning 'good' practice into 'best' practice.


The guide has been prepared by the 1080 Membership Services Committee under the Chairmanship of Roger Green in 2013-2014.

Roger Green  RC Sudbury 

Denis Bishop - RC Swaffham 

Eddie Higgins

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