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District ComVoc Database:  Update 25th November 2012

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 The Community, Vocational, and Youth Service Project Database

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  • This page is updated periodically, but the main items in the database are automatically updated each time there is a change.   Presently, to update an entry or to add something new, please download the relevant form from below - amend as appropriate and send to Keith Tovey (keith.tovey@ntlworld.com)

  • Forms to download to provide information about current, future, and past Club activities 


  1. Form for use by those Clubs who have yet to submit information 
  2. Form for use by Clubs wishing to amend (or add to) existing records
  3. Form for use by Clubs wishing to comment on structure of Database Developments following District Assembly 2015

Please download the appropriate form, complete it and email it to Keith Tovey k.tovey@uea.ac.uk

Following the change in hosting of the Template Website in late October 2014 - some of the following links did not work for a period of time, but as of May 2015 things seem  to be working again.

The ComVoc  Database was initiated in response to Clubs wanting to know about activities elsewhere in the District.   For instance, some Clubs did activities in the past,  but for various reasons can no longer do so.  For instance they may need more man power and help from another Club might be possible.  In other cases, Clubs are exploring new activities, but would welcome advice from Clubs with experience.  At an early stage it was recognised that there were significant overlaps with New Generations Activities, and so these have also been included.   Though the Database is in its formative stages, it has already been used to assist in this way.

As of May 2016, 70  7777of the 73 Clubs in District 1080 have submitted information and it is important for all to get information so we can share good practice and experience, and I would urge all Clubs to complete forms if they have not done.  At present , during the development stage the Database is being developed offline while the full requirements of the database are being assessed.  It is hoped that some feedback from District Assembly 2016 and District Conference 2016 will allow the next stage of development to take place.

Currently specific downloads of the database will be made available via this website on a monthly basis.  In late 2016 it is hoped that the whole EXCEL database will be downloadable for clubs to make their own selections.      At that time it should hopefully be possible for Clubs to modify their own entries in a convenient format which can be emailed for update of the master database.   Ultimately the aim is for a fully interactive database to be in place on the District Website.  However, before we can develop that we need feedback on exactly how Clubs might wish to use the information, and there will, hopefully, be a few minutes of feedback time in the forthcoming PEPs sessions for Presidents Elect and Vice Presidents Elect to assist in this matter. 

District 1280 (1285 from July 1st 2015) are also using a similar system for Community, Vocational and Youth Service work in their District 


As a temporary measure, Rotarians  may access the basic database in the form of PDF for each aspect.

At present these are in PDF format, but will become available as an EXCEL Spreadsheet  in 2015.  These files will be updated on a monthly basis -

Download Information of Projects by general Theme

Click on appropriate link below  - please note these links may take 15 seconds to load depending on network activity and the screen may go all white as it does so.  

Community Service Community Service - Transport Community Service - Medical Vocational Service
Literacy Environmental Projects Drugs Awareness Youth Activities


Download information from the Database according to District 1080 area

At present these are in PDF format, but will become available as an EXCEL Spread Sheet later in 2015 - These files will be updated on a monthly basis whereas the individual Clubs files are updated automatically as soon as the update information has been received by the ComVoc Committee

North East East South East South
South West West North West All 1080 Areas 


Access to folder listing PDF files for Individual Clubs 

Note: If a club is not listed then no information currently exists for that Club