What is Interact all about

A revised update with information you need regarding Interact.

A revised update with information you need regarding Interact.

I very recently posted details about Interact on this site and I gave a link you could use to access relevant information. Gaining access to this link has proved problematic. The files I posted were obviously too large and this created you all difficulties. My apologies for the frustration this must have caused.

I have now looked again at the original file and extracted the most important files that will be of help.  These are the most up to date documents and they provide all you need to know about how to start an Interact Club plus a copy of the most recent RIBI Handbook. The information is both current and  relevant. 

The necessary links are given below. ( These will be accessible this time !!!)

Starting an Interact Club Information Sheet

RIBI Interact Handbook ( Oct 2015 )

For your information I have now taken down the previous link that caused all the problems.

In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further help or information.

John K Shepley

Interact is the part of Rotary for teenagers up to 18 years old.  The members elect their Club Council; discuss their community service, international understanding, social and fund raising programmes at their meetings.  Then they do what they have planned.  The combination of youthful energy and the experience of the liaison Rotarians produce dynamic results.

Through inviting speakers to their meetings and their community service project work, Interactors gain an increased knowledge of how society functions.  Similarly, they can learn what charities working overseas are achieving.

The young people learn how to chair meetings, take minutes and run the club's finances.  They learn how to plan and execute projects of different sizes and scopes and by building on experience there is little to limit what an active Interact club can accomplish.  Young people lead very busy and often pressured lives so active Interact appeals to young people who want to have fun and achieve something useful. A lively social programme is an essential part of a club's life.  Interactors arrange their trips to various venues and their charter celebrations which include meals in restaurants, discos and band nights. Fund raising is often done in innovative ways.

Interact clubs can be community or school based.  Community based clubs are open to any young person who wishes to join whereas school based clubs are confined to the pupils of that school or college.The District Youth Opportunities Committee is here to offer assistance to Rotary clubs wishing to set up Interact clubs.  We are happy to talk to your club, meet senior teachers and youth workers and know Interactors are keen to tell their age group and Rotarians about how they have serious fun.

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