Rotary Clubs across the North West and the Isle of Man are active in promoting Environmental projects within their Communities.

There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that mankind is exploiting the natural resources of planet Earth at an unsustainable rate; in particular, carbon emissions from the fossil fuels are the primary cause of current global warming and ocean acidification. The poorest people on the planet will be least able to cope with the consequences.

Rotarians are encouraged to promote sustainability, and reduce their own carbon footprints.

about RIBI approved projects are available through the members part of the RotaryGBI website

The attached Starter Leaflet is designed for those clubs starting to think "environment", but who are at a loss about where to begin.

Our Rotary District (1285) won the National RotaryGBI Environmental Award in 2006 (seven Bolton clubs for The Rotary Way Footpath), and 2010 (Rochdale Rotary Club for Urban Farm Planters)


Rotary Tree Planting Challenge

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