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Finance Handbook (amended March 2017)
District 1285 Standing Orders 2017 
District Officer Expense Claim Form (Nov. 2016)
Rotary Club Insurance Confirmation 2017-18
Club Archive Guidance - Rotary GBI
2016-17 Insurance Manual(June 2017) 
Guidance for Membership Database Management
Public Performance Licence (PPL) July 2017-18
District Club Areas and AG Allocations 2018~2019
Jan 2018 Insurance newsletter - Fireworks

Compliance Documentation

Compliance  relates  to  Equality  and  Diversity,  Safeguarding  of  both  children  and  vulnerable  adults, and  Health  and  Safety.   

Why Sign the Compliance Statement -Download

However there are a great many other documents relating to this area of Rotary activity on the RotaryGBI website in the members area

Go to: > For Members > Login > Club & District Support > Compliance 

RIBI Compliance Statement 2018-19 Club

(clubs should sign the combined policy and return it to the District Secretary

2017 Updated RIBI dispute management document

RIBI Dispute Management Process Aug 2017

RIBI general secretary, Amanda Watkins wishes to draw attention to:

The key difference in this document is the addition of Annex 7 that details information relation to Defamation, Slander and Malicious Falsehood.

On page 1 please note that Amanda has added detail relating to this annex as follows:

Annex 7 provides guidance relating to defamation, slander and malicious falsehood that may arise from inappropriate or ill-considered communication by Rotarians to others. Individuals are responsible for what they may say, write or do and Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland does not have provision to financially support an individual who chooses to communicate in a manner that is defamatory within the context of a civil claim.

RIBI do hold insurance cover for libel and slander but its intended use is to protect Rotary from third-party attack not to defend claims made by members or former members against the organisation in relation to disputes; this is very important to understand and Amanda will be creating a series of short videos specific to all of our compliance, insurance and dispute management areas to help members better understand expectations and limitations.

• Compliance Questions and Answers


Documents  and  information  can  be  found  within the ‘For Members’ area on the RIBI website, Once you have logged in to the Members area, you will find a number of headings that will provide you with a plethora of information and help about membership matters.

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