Induction for new members, including debunking the jargon and myths! To be held at the Deanwater Hotel, near Handforth, Cheshire

Sat 18 March 2017

09:30 – 12:30 GMT

Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow Road, Woodford, Wilmslow SK7 1RJ

Come and join us and learn about how you can benefit from the wider world of Rotary

  • Bust the myths
  • Find out where your money goes
  • Learn how you can participate more
  • How can Rotary help you
  • Find out how Rotary can be more engaging
  • How Rotary helps communities
    • Around the world
    • Around the UK
    • Around the corner

Who should attend?

Anyone relatively new to Rotary or who wants to learn more about Rotary worlsdwide.

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