Students enjoying the Summer Camp 2017

This new page offers Clubs the opportunity to post details of their on-going activities with young people. Take advantage of this opportunity to share details of all your good news. Read what the Rotary Club of Wilmslow Dean have planned ahead.

I recently offered all our Rotary Clubs in the District the opportunity to share their various plans / programmes regarding work with young people. This gives everybody their very own  unique opportunity to share with fellow Clubs and Rotarians all that they are doing  in this respect.

The first posting is from the Rotary Club of Wilmslow Dean and this is detailed below. Simply log onto this link and see what Wilmslow and Dean have planned.

Don't forget to let me have your good news stories so they can be shared across the District.

/upimages/distreps/1285/838/Programme for Wilmslow Dean..pdf



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