Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

Thu 25th November 2021 Dinner - Speaker arranged by Rtn. Chris Jordan

Chris is arranging our speaker for this evening

Thu 18th November 2021 Dinner - Election of Officers for 2022/23: Club Accounts 2020/21

One of our more 'formal' meetings but quickly concluded to allow for a more informal gathering.

Thu 11th November 2021 Dinner - followed by Council Meeting

The first Council Meeting at our new venue.
Kate O'Brien - Violinist

Thu 4th November 2021 Charter Celebration at Wallasey Golf Club: Kate O'Brien - professional violinist .

Due to illness and fragilities for our planned evening, we are delighted that the professional violinist Kate O'Brien has been able to join us at short notice. Her entertaining style has been enjoyed by some of our members previously.

Thu 28th October 2021 Dinner at Wallasey Golf Club - Rtn. Bryan Howard, "Next stop where?"

Hooray! This will be our first meeting at our new venue.

Thu 21st October 2021 Dinner - President Christina arranged a very special evening!

Meeting at Wallasey Yacht Club, we were entertained by a "Belly Dancer" who informed us about its origins and history as well as involving members and guests.

Thu 14th October 2021 Dinner - Speaker: John Earp, followed by Abbreviated Council Meeting

John Earp spoke very engagingly and informatively about his wartime memories as a child in Wallasey.

Thu 7th October 2021 Speaker: Brian Elkerton,

Unfortunately, still a video meeting, But Brian gave a very informative talk about the Community project at Prenton Rugby Club.

Thu 30th September 2021 Fish and Chip Supper at Wallasey Yacht Club

For our first Face to Face meeting we will enjoy an evening of fellowship and fun centred round traditional food and a quiz to show how much we've learned during lockdown! read more...

Thu 23rd September 2021 Video Meeting - “Primary health care - a patient’s primer”

Bennett Quinn will lead us through current practice.

Thu 16th September 2021 Video meeting - David Howells, "A typical day in the life of a police response officer"

David's talk has been arranged by Rtn Janet Herd

Thu 9th September 2021 Video meeting - followed by Council Meeting

Thu 2nd September 2021 Video Meeting - Kevin Lomax

Rtn Kevin is arranging our speaker for this meeting.

Thu 26th August 2021 Video Meeting - Sarah Robertson from Wirral Borough Council

“The Council’s plans to support people across Wirral to become more active”. (arranged by Bennett Quinn)

Thu 19th August 2021 Video Meeting - Clive Agart, CEO of 'Wirral Change', "Work in the Local Community"

Thu 12th August 2021 Video meeting - followed by Abbreviated Council Meeting

Thu 5th August 2021 Video Meeting - David Hearn, "The History of New Brighton".

Thu 29th July 2021 Bowls in Harrison Park - details to be notified.

Thu 22nd July 2021 Video Meeting - 'The Way Forward: Projects and Fund-raising'

Thu 15th July 2021 Video Meeting - Richard Jackson, "Old Wallasey"

Thu 8th July 2021 Video meeting - followed by Council Meeting

Full Council meeting - all are invited to attend and join in the discussions - any voting required will be by Officers and Council members.

Thu 1st July 2021 Installation of President Christina Spencer. Outdoor meeting

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