Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

Wed 1st December 2021 Club meeting

John Sibson
Stewards for month - David Watkinson and Nick Stanley

Wed 24th November 2021 Club Meeting

Richard Govan

Wed 17th November 2021 Club meeting

Business & Committees By Zoom

Wed 10th November 2021 Club meeting

Venue Discussion

Wed 3rd November 2021 Club meeting

John Ashman
Stewards for month - Tim Parkin and David Watkinson

Speaker Mike Thompson -Progress at KS East station in the last 3 years and the forthcoming 200 year anniversary of the Stockton-Darlington railway in 2025

Wed 27th October 2021 Weekly Meeting

Alastair Bell -Visit to LLoyd Ltd Penrith Start time 6.45pm at Cowper Road premises Penrith afterwards at the New Crown Inn Bolton

Wed 20th October 2021 Weekly Meeting

Business and Committees

Wed 13th October 2021 Weekly Meeting

David Crosby - The art of pottering - Keith Spence

Wed 6th October 2021 Weekly Meeting

Barry Thompson - Tall Ships

Stewards for month - Neil Marland & Tim Parkin

Wed 29th September 2021 Club meeting

Peter Whiting's speaker Gloria Barnett The Weird Fish lady Zoom from Cornwall

Wed 22nd September 2021 Club meeting

Andy Rork at the Tufton

Deep dark and dangerous

Police underwater search team talk

Wed 15th September 2021 Club meeting

Business & Committees

Wed 8th September 2021 Club meeting

Paul Wilson's evening at the Tufton:
Joan Robinson will speak about the Community Garden Project in Penrith.

Wed 1st September 2021 Club meeting

Phil Walters at the Tufton
Three Star Eclipse

Wed 25th August 2021 Club meeting

Bill Collinson - CPS in action - Ben and Pam Collinson speaking

Venue Appleby Golf Club

Wed 18th August 2021 Club meeting

Business & Committees (ByZoom)
Club Council at 6.15pm

Wed 11th August 2021 Club meeting

VISIT CANCELLED ZOOM MEETING INSTEAD Mike Schug at Dalefoot Composts , Heltondale nr Askham. run by Jane Barker and Simon Bland

Wed 4th August 2021 Club meeting

Jonty Rostron visit to the Waterwheel at Acorn Bank

Wed 28th July 2021 Club meeting

Jonny Miller at Brougham Hall Cafe - 4 Eden

Wed 21st July 2021 Club meeting

Business & Committees By Zoom

Wed 14th July 2021 Club meeting

David Watkinson's walk (open evening TBA)

Wed 7th July 2021 Club meeting

Ian Mycock ( By Zoom )Another way to see the Grand Canyon
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