Completed meetings and events 2016-2017

Wed 15th February 2017 - Speaker Rtn, Don Fraser Clarke.

Rtn, Don Fraser Clarke Talks about his visit to Ranville.

Wed 1st February 2017 Club weekly meeting

Katy Marshall and David Berryman "˜Fracking-Pros and Cons"™

Wed 25th January 2017 Club weekly meeting

Club Service

Wed 18th January 2017 Club Weekly Meeting

Rev Dr Mike Kirby "˜Cancer"™

Wed 11th January 2017 Club Weekly Meeting

John Fish "˜Where"™s My Wellies"™

Wed 4th January 2017 Club Weekly Meeting

John Barratt "˜Blackpool"™

Wed 28th December 2016 Club Weekly Meeting

No Meeting
The Renaissance Singers

Tue 20th December 2016 Rotary Christmas Miscellany

A selection of carols and readings by The Renaissance Singers at St Peter's Church Salesbury Blackburn an annual concert in December.
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