Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Wed 12th August 2020 August Out - Trip To Burrows Gardens

The gardens have something for everybody, whether you are a knowledgeable plants person, a gardener or just someone who loves the beauty, peace and tranquility of lovely gardens, set in 5 acres of beautiful Derbyshire countryside

Wed 5th August 2020 August Out - We are on Scatter duty

Tue 4th August 2020 - Tue 7th July 2020 Council Meeting

Wed 29th July 2020 Professor Alexander Trautrims will speak about Modern Slavery in Contemporary Society

Wed 22nd July 2020 Malcolm Darroch on "In Flagrente Collecto" (that's Stamps to you and me)

VoT: Mike Lucas

Wed 15th July 2020 Business Meeting

Business Meeting Grace : Graham Hayes

Wed 8th July 2020 Ted Cantle will talk about the renovations to Nottingham Castle

Grace: Hayri Kaya VoT: Laurie Whyte AV: Graham Hayes

Tue 7th July 2020 Council Meeting

Wed 1st July 2020 Handover Meeting Grace: John Tordoff AV: Malcolm Leivers

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