Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Thu 22nd October 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

Lend with Care At today's meeting we shall be reviewing our investments with people in developing countries. for more information. read more...

Thu 15th October 2020 WORLD PORRIDGE DAY

Join us with your breakfast bowl of porridge & listen to our speaker from MARY'S MEALS - hear how over one and a half million children are fed every school day. read more...

Thu 8th October 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

ShelterBox work with communities to provide the emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families following a disaster. To hear these fascinating speakers contact: read more...

Thu 1st October 2020 Business Meeting - Zoom

Members plan the next few weeks of meetings and events

Thu 24th September 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

"DEMENTIA - & HOW TO AVOID IT" Dr Govind Mohan [Bush Hill Park Rotary] is our speaker this afternoon.

Thu 17th September 2020 Morning Meeting - Zoom

Steve Cartwright will be speaking about Kids Out

Thu 10th September 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

Join us and our guest speaker FRANCIS SEALEY who will be speaking on "Climate Change & Acting Locally"

Thu 3rd September 2020 Business Meeting - Zoom

Thu 27th August 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

Thu 20th August 2020 Morning Meeting - Zoom

This week members will be visiting Woodcroft Wildspace. Due to physical distancing considerations, sadly this is open to members only.
No Zoom meeting this week.

Thu 13th August 2020 Afternoon Meeting - Zoom

Thu 6th August 2020 Breakfast Zoom meeting

Speaker: Rotarian Ian Bishop-Laggett
Online Social Engineering
How not to get caught with scams on the Internet.
Everyone has heard of confidence tricksters or con-men for short; well nothing has changed and now they are all over the internet.

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