Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

Thu 2nd December 2021 Club meeting: reception—John Lamb, Ken MacGregor; raffle—Pat Pirie; Heather Stuart from district

Thu 25th November 2021 Club meeting: reception—Nigel Inglis, John Laing; raffle—Stuart Mackay; speaker Douglas Cusine, vote of thanks—Anna Andráskó

Thu 18th November 2021 Club meeting: reception—Muriel Fowlie, Neva Haites; raffle—Rona Leith; Business Meeting

Thu 11th November 2021 Club meeting: reception—Bill Falconer, Meg Forbes; raffle—Ken MacGregor; speaker—Bruce Anderson, Darjeeling.

Thu 4th November 2021 Club meeting: reception—Ann Chapman, Tony Crabbe; raffle—John Lamb; speaker—Jim Young, Grampian transport Museum; vote of thanks—Vester Buchan

Thu 28th October 2021 Club meeting: Reception—Hugh Black, John Lamb; Raffle—John Laing; Speaker—AberNecessities ;Vote of thanks—Bill Wood

Thu 21st October 2021 Club meeting: Reception—Anna Andráskó; Raffle—Nigel Inglis; Business Meeting

Thu 14th October 2021 Club meeting at Powis Community Centre: Reception—Jim Young, Bruce Anderson; Raffle—Neva Haites; Visit to Powis Playpark (where trees get planted)

Thu 7th October 2021 Club meeting: Reception—Annie Wilson/Graeme Robertson; Raffle—Muriel Fowlie; Speaker: Mark Stevenson (Gillanders Motors, Electric cars); Vote of thanks—Annie Wilson

Thu 30th September 2021 Club meeting. Reception—Sam Sinclair/Arthur Williamson. Speaker–John Johnstone: ‘wish you’d been here’

Meeting in hotel or online

Thu 23rd September 2021 Club business meeting: reception Graeme Robertson/Jenny Shirreffs

Meeting in hotel or online

Thu 16th September 2021 Club meeting: reception—Lucrezia Piccicacchi/Pat Pirie; Speaker/Vote of thanks: Jenny Shirreffs

Meeting in hotel or online

Thu 9th September 2021 Club meeting: reception—Rona Leith/Stuart McKay; Speaker/Vote of thanks: Graeme Robertson

Meeting in hotel or online

Thu 2nd September 2021 Club meeting: reception—John Lamb/Ken MacGregor; Speaker Nigel Inglis/Vote of thanks: Alan Pirie

Meeting in hotel or online

Thu 26th August 2021 Club meeting: Speaker Alison Topely from Somebody cares. Reception—Nigel Inglis/John Laing; vote of thanks Stuart McKay

hybrid meeting

Thu 19th August 2021 Club meeting: Business Meeting; reception Muriel Fowlie and Neva Haites

Club Business meeting (first hybrid meeting)

Thu 12th August 2021 Club meeting: Moray Barber

Thu 5th August 2021 Club meeting (blether meeting)

Thu 29th July 2021 Club zoom meeting: March stones walk

Thu 22nd July 2021 Club zoom meeting: Business meeting

Thu 15th July 2021 Club zoom meeting: Speaker John Laing

Induction for Lucrezia and Ken

Thu 8th July 2021 Club zoom meeting: Speaker Dave McDermid.

Thu 1st July 2021 Club zoom meeting: Presidential update and blether.

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