Completed meetings and events 2022-2023

Thu 11th August 2022 Club meeting: reception—Ann Chapman; raffle prize—Ann Wilson; Speaker Jim Young, ‘Shop Local’

Thu 4th August 2022 Club blether meeting: reception—Bruce Anderson; raffle prize—Arthur Williamson

Thu 28th July 2022 Club meeting: reception—Jim Young; raffle prize—Sam Sinclair; Speaker John Glascodine, Sand dams in Africa; vote of thanks—Bill Wood

Thu 21st July 2022 Club business meeting: reception—Ann Wilson; raffle prize—Jennie Shirreffs

Thu 14th July 2022 Club meeting: reception—Sam Sinclair; raffle prize—Graeme Robertson; Speaker Arthur Williamson

Thu 7th July 2022 Club blether meeting: reception—Graeme Robertson; raffle prize—Pat Pirie

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