Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Mon 19th October 2020 No Meeting

Mon 12th October 2020 Speaker meeting on zoom

Nenescape in Wellingborough
Speaker : Alison Brand-Barker
Interpretation & Community Engagement Officer
Stewards : Melissa French / Paul Hooton

Mon 5th October 2020 No meeting

Mon 28th September 2020 Business Meeting

Note ADG Steve Howe will be attending
Zoom meeting
Stewards : Steve Chambers and Marie Midgley

Mon 21st September 2020 No Meeting

Wed 16th September 2020 Club Council Meeting

Mon 14th September 2020 Zoom Meeting

Stewards : Peter McCarthy / David Campden

Mon 7th September 2020 No Meeting

Mon 24th August 2020 Zoom Meeting

Children of Courage
Speaker :David Tristram
Stewards : John Beales /John Patrick

Mon 10th August 2020 Zoom meeting

Catch 22
Speaker : Katrina & Hazel
Stewards : Peter Anstee / Joan Barratt

Mon 27th July 2020 Zoom meeting

Education, Education,A Family Memoire
Speaker :Richard Rowlatt
Stewards - Richard Rowlatt /Vicky Bigley

Mon 13th July 2020 Zoom meeting

Speaker David Kendrick - Rushden Chichele
Stewards : Alan Prime / Stuart Redman

Mon 6th July 2020 No meeting

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