Completed meetings and events 2014-2015

Mon 29th June 2015 President's handover

Venue:- SandMartins Golf Course

Mon 22nd June 2015 - 18:45 for 19:00 Fellowship evening

Mon 15th June 2015 12:45 for 13:00 Speaker Ray Edwards

Mon 8th June 2015 18:45 for 19:00 Club Assembly

Mon 1st June 2015 - 12:45 for 13:00 Business Meeting

Mon 25th May 2015 Bank Holiday. No meeting.

Mon 18th May 2015 12:45 for 13:00 Norman Sutton’s Job Talk

Mon 11th May 2015 18:45 for 19:00 AGM

Mon 27th April 2015 18:45 for 19:00 Jane Holmes from “Building for the Future

Mon 20th April 2015 12:45 for 13:00 Ellen Goodwin and PDG Laurie Cunningham giving a presentation on LEC.

Mon 13th April 2015 - 18:45 for 19:00 Business Meeting

Mon 23rd March 2015

Speaker: Stephen Smith

Mon 16th March 2015

Speaker organised by Rtn. Brian Perris

Mon 16th February 2015

Speaker: Catherine Tam

Mon 26th January 2015

Date being kept free for a possible visit by one of the Ambassadorial Scholars

Mon 19th January 2015

Speaker Gemma Gray BSc MSc from Leightons audiology department

Mon 12th January 2015

Fellowship Meeting

Mon 5th January 2015

Business Meeting

Mon 22nd December 2014 12.45 Lunchtime

There will be a brief Club Council Meeting prior to our Christmas Lunch

Mon 15th December 2014 12.45pm Lunch

Speaker Trevor Ottlewski...Wokingham and Bell Foundries?

Mon 8th December 2014 6:45pm Dinner

Tue 2nd December 2014 Club Council Meeting plus DONATIONS

Mon 1st December 2014 12.45pm Lunch Business Meeting plus our Special General Meeting

If our annual accounts are not ready a week before this date, only the nomination of Club Officers will be considered.

Mon 24th November 2014 6:45pm Dinner

Visitor Rachel Pearson from Wokingham Theatre

Mon 3rd November 2014 12.45pm Lunch Business Meeting

Mon 27th October 2014 6:45pm Dinner

Our two 2014 RYLA students Laura Strickland-Clark and Lewis Gileseri will tell us about their week in Snowdonia.

Mon 20th October 2014 12.45pm Lunch Speaker, Gemma Gray from Leightons Hearing Department

Mon 13th October 2014 6:45pm Dinner

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