Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Wed 27th June 2018 Change over at Lysses

Ask Harvey Griffiths

Wed 20th June 2018 Dinner - Dennis Boyland - The story about The Hudson Bay Company (Host: TBA)

Menu: Crispy Chicken Fillets, Potato Wedges, Sweet Chilli. / Eton Mess.

Tue 19th June 2018 President's Dining Out

At a secret location - three courses for £29 or two courses for £23 - ask Harvey

Wed 13th June 2018 Supper

Menu: Pork & Mushroom Stroganoff with Braised Rice.

Wed 13th June 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 6th June 2018 Dinner - Lyndon Palmer - Saints & St Swithun (Host: James Fullarton)

Menu: Sliced Melon & Strawberries. / Plaice gougons, Chips, Peas, Tartare Sauce.

Wed 30th May 2018 Meal at Antonio's

Ask James Fullarton

Wed 23rd May 2018 Supper - Business Meeting & Club Assembly

Menu: Chicken Breast, Red Wine Sauce, New Potatoes, seasonal veg.

Wed 16th May 2018 Dinner - Speaker ??

Menu: Mixed Meat Salad, Jacket Potato. / Strawberry Trifle.

Wed 9th May 2018 Supper - AGM

Menu: Tender Lamb Hotpot with seasonal vegetables.

Wed 9th May 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 2nd May 2018 Dinner - Harvey Griffiths - The Story of HMS Victory (Host: Paul Jones)

Menu: Prawn Cocktail, / Hot Vegetable Quiche, New potatoes, Salad & Coleslaw.

Wed 25th April 2018 Supper - Business Meeting

Menu: Sliced Wiltshire Ham, Fried Egg, Chips & Garden Peas

Wed 18th April 2018 Dinner - Mr. Ian Laws - Art Religion and Toothache (Host: John Allen)

Menu: Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad. / Fresh Cream Profiteroles,Chocolate Sauce.

Wed 11th April 2018 Supper - Abbie Le Velle - Ronald McDonald House Charities (Host: Vernon Clark)

Menu: Shepherdís Pie with seasonal vegetables.

Wed 11th April 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 4th April 2018 Dinner - Sophie Hughes - A little bit about Bats and their importance to us today (Host: Tony Billings)

Menu: Crispy Duck Spring Rolls, / Wholetail Scampi, Chips, Peas & Tartare Sauce.

Wed 28th March 2018 Supper - Hollie Sherred - Enable Ability (Host: Vernon Clark)

Menu: Traditional Lasagne, Garlic Bread & dressed mixed salad.

Wed 21st March 2018 Dinner - Dr. Geoffrey Eibl-Kaye - Early History of Mail between India and the UK ( Host: Graham Lawrence)

Menu: Minced Beef & Onion Pie, Saute Potatoes, seasonal veg, / Creme Brulee, Shortbread.

Wed 14th March 2018 Supper - Business Meeting

Menu: Fillet of Salmon, New potatoes, White Wine Sauce.

Wed 14th March 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 7th March 2018 Dinner - Richard Astbury - Memories of a Forces Broadcaster (Host: Brian Ray)

Menu: Peppered smoked mackerel, / Chicken, leek & mushroom Strogonoff & Rice.

Wed 28th February 2018 Supper - Gloria Russell - Homestart (Host: Vernon Clark)

Menu: Gammon Steak, Fried egg, Chips & garden peas.

Wed 21st February 2018 Dinner - Anne West, Una & Linda - We can read (Host: Arthur Mathisen)

Menu: Turkey Escalope, Champ mash, Vegetables / Bakewell Tart.

Wed 14th February 2018 Supper - Business Meeting

Menu: Steak & Ale puff pastry pie, Saute potatoes, Peas.

Wed 14th February 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 7th February 2018 Dinner - Bob & Sue Musselwhite - Visit to India - Polio & Rotary (Host: Graham Lawrence)

Menu: Ardennes Pate, Toast, Fruit Chutney / Lamb hotpot, Seasonal veg.

Wed 31st January 2018 Burns Night

Ask Harvey

Wed 24th January 2018 Supper - Wendy Greenish - Rowan's Hospice (Host: Graham Lawrence)

menu: Braised lambs’ liver and onions, mashed potatoes, seasonal veg.

Mon 22nd January 2018 Youth Speaks

To be held in the Council Chamber at the Civic Office, Fareham

Wed 17th January 2018 Dinner - Professor Ken Shaw - Life and times of James Parkinson (Host: Jane Lawrence)

menu: Minced beef cottage pie, garden peas. / Apple pie & Devon custard.

Wed 10th January 2018 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Mild chilli-con-carne, rice, nachos, tomato salsa.

Wed 10th January 2018 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 3rd January 2018 Meeting cancelled

Wed 27th December 2017 Meeting cancelled

Wed 20th December 2017 Christmas Dinner Dance

New Place - details from Harvey

Wed 13th December 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Traditional roast turkey dinner. / Christmas Pudding (no charge for desert).

Wed 13th December 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 6th December 2017 Dinner - David Smith - The unknown sailor and the naked Lady - (Host: Harvey Smith)

menu: Winter vegetable soup, / Steak & ale pie, mashed potatoes, veg.

Wed 29th November 2017 Gourmet evening

Ask Geoff Smith

Wed 22nd November 2017 Supper - SGM

menu: Deep fried cod, chips, peas & tartare sauce.

Wed 22nd November 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 15th November 2017 Dinner - Anon - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (Host: Geoff Smith)

menu: Sugar baked gammon, parsley sauce, roast potatoes and veg, / Fruit cheesecake.

Wed 8th November 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Chicken, leek & mushroom pie, saute potatoes & garden peas.

Wed 8th November 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Chicken, leek & mushroom pie, saute potatoes & garden peas.

Wed 1st November 2017 Dinner - Dr Donal Collins - the NHS (Host: Peter Beasley)

menu: Tomato, mozzarella basil salad, / Traditional lasagne with garlic bread.

Wed 25th October 2017 Supper

menu: Mild chicken curry, rice, naan bread, mango chutney.

Fri 20th October 2017 Call My Bluff

At Southwick Village Hall - 20 October 7pm - £18 per person read more...

Wed 18th October 2017 Dinner - Stephen Fisher - Maritime Archaeology Trust on Coastal Forces (Host: John Tonkin)

menu: Sliced Wiltshire ham, fried egg, chips, / Lemon tart & fresh cream.

Wed 11th October 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Chicken and bacon caesar salad, parmesan shavings.

Wed 11th October 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 4th October 2017 Dinner - David Warwick - “Once Upon a Time in Wickham”, which is set in and around Wickham in the immediate post WW II period. (Host: Jane Lawence)

menu: Bacon & stilton salad, / Braised loin of pork, sage & cider

Wed 27th September 2017 Supper

menu: Turkey escalope, Champ mash, seasonal vegetables.

Wed 20th September 2017 Dinner - Richard Pereira - The Office for National Statistics – why do we count? (Host: Bill ?)

menu: Minced beef & onion pie, chips & peas / apple crumble & custard.

Wed 13th September 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Fillet of salmon, white wine sauce, seasonal vegetables.

Wed 13th September 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 6th September 2017 Dinner - Chris West - Turning Wood (Host: Paul Jones)

menu: Crispy breaded mushrooms, garlic mayo / Hot vegetable quiche, new potatoes.

Wed 30th August 2017 Informal gathering at the Miner's Arms, Funtley

Wed 23rd August 2017 Supper

menu: Pork and mushroom fricassee with braised rice.

Wed 16th August 2017 Dinner - Ray Cooper - The Cockleshell Heroes (Host: Paul Jones)

menu: Gammon steak, Fried egg, sauté potatoes / Chocolate fudge cake and cream

Wed 9th August 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Breaded whole scampi, chips, peas and tartar sauce.

Wed 9th August 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 2nd August 2017 Dinner - Amanda Bower - First World War shipwrecks Host: Len Bamber)

menu: Ardennes pate, toast, fruit chutney / Tender lamb hotpot, seasonal veg.

Wed 26th July 2017 Supper - Second Chance - Doug Hulme (Host: Graham Lawrence)

menu: Smoked mackerel & prawn salad, hot new potatoes.

Wed 19th July 2017 Dinner - Andy Milner - Jubilee Sailing Trust (Host: Richard Gardner)

menu: Mild chilli-con-carne, Rice, Nachos / Eton mess.

Wed 12th July 2017 Supper - Business Meeting

menu: Crispy chicken fillets, potato wedges, salad, sweet chilli.

Wed 12th July 2017 Council at Cams Hall Golf Club

Wed 5th July 2017 Dinner - Alex Alley - Around the world in a yacht (Host: Arthur Mathisen)

menu: Sliced melon & strawberries / Steak & mushroom pie, Sauté potatoes & peas. read more...
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