Completed meetings and events 2022-2023

Mon 3rd April 2023 Club Meeting

Joanne Friel on "Chislehurst"

Mon 20th March 2023 Club Meeting

Martin Wilcox and Helen Perkins on our Global Grant in Moldova.

Mon 6th March 2023 Club Meeting

Vanessa Jenkins on ”The Death of the Prince Imperial in Zulu Land” - Illustrated

Mon 20th February 2023 Club Meeting

Steven Harrigan, Beverage Manager Chislehurst Golf Club on “My life in Hospitality”

Mon 6th February 2023 Club Meeting

John Wagstaff, President RC Addiscombe and Shirley, on recollections of London Transport

Mon 30th January 2023 Club Meeting

Alan and Sheila Davies with pictures of Mallorca. She is currently President of RC Lewisham and Penge and Alan is a past president.

Mon 19th December 2022 Club Meeting

Mon 5th December 2022 Club Meeting

Mon 21st November 2022 Club Meeting

Mon 7th November 2022 Club Meeting

A talk and a tour of Camden Place after dinner read more...

Mon 3rd October 2022 Club Meeting

Mon 19th September 2022 Club Meeting

Speaker: Lorraine Waters on 'Hygiene'

Mon 5th September 2022 Club Meeting


Mon 15th August 2022 Club Meeting


Mon 1st August 2022 Club Meeting

Mon 18th July 2022 Club Meeting

Presenter - Nick Oram talking about 'Spitfire Pilots: Stories with TV Interviews'
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