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NEW MEMBER - 3rd September 2015

Our latest recruit is Linda Dunford, seen here being inducted into the club with our President, John Notley.  Linda is the first lady member in almost 60 years of the Club.  

Linda is a partner in the accountancy firm of Kitchen and Brown based in Helston.  She was born in Middlesex and moved to Cornwall as a young lass and attended Helston School.  Later she married Andrew and moved to St Keverne.  

We are delighted to welcome Linda, as she is an ideal Rotarian and will bring a great deal to the Club.  Initially she will work in our Youth Services Commitee working on the many Rotary School Competitions.


                                         ............................Rotary Club pledges the sum 

                                        of  �...................................

                                        towards the �350,000 target fund to create a Cove

                                        Macmillan Cancer Support Centre at The Royal 

                                        Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro.

                                        We understand that this pledge will be called in at 

                                        the end of 2015 in preparation to furnish and 

                                        equip the Centre for opening in 2016.


                                        Club and office held.............................


                                        I...................................personally pledge the sum

                                        of  �...............towards the target fund of �350,000,

                                        as above, and declare that I am a UK taxpayer and

                                        wish this donation to be Gift Aided.

                                        Address, phone, and email......................................


                                         Hand to a member of Helston Rotary Club or post to Mike Hales, Tregonning View,

                                         Lowertown, Cornwall TR13 0BU  communications@mikehales.com  07738197047



            Two special needs schools in West Cornwall have each received a �1,000 donation from

         Helston Rotary Club towards their own particular projects.  The money is the proceeds

        from the club�s annual Christmas Carol concert at Helston Methodist Chapel in December.

        Representatives and a pupil from the schools joined Rotary club members for dinner and a

        presentation on Thursday March 12th to receive cheques from club president Benny Vleminckx.

       Sarah Moseley, head-teacher of Nancealverne School for young people with severe and profound

       learning difficulties and physical difficulties, told the club that the donation would be put

       towards a new sensory studio at the school which helps to ensure that �learning is exciting and


      Jan Rixon, the recently-appointed business manager for Curnow School, expressed her delight

      at having moved to the school from an appointment at a traditional school, and thanked the

     club for the donation which will go towards a new computer programme enabling the pupils

     to operate a computer with their eyes only.  She was accompanied by Michelle Benney, chairman

     of the PTA at the school, and her son Lewis, who is a pupil at Curnow School.


            The draw for the prizes at the Helston Rotary Club Grand Raffle took place at the club's regular

            meeting last Thursday at the Wheal Dream Restaurant, witnessed by more than 20 members of

            the club.

            The winners, who will be notified by the club,  are as follows:

                                 1)   �1,000 was won by Richard Harris    (3312)

                                 2)   Professional photography session was won by  James Mitchell    (3339)

                                 3)   Two return rail tickets on the First Great Western network was won   (1342)

                                       by Calum Timpson

                                 4)  Colour television was won by B.J. Portch  (3183)

                                 5)  Wheal Dream dinner for four was won by 'Jan'  (1024)

                                 6)  Stone house name/number was won by  Ian Wort (4689)

                                 7)  Free MOT at Castle Green Motors was won by 'Matt'  (5826)

                                 8)  Case of wine was won by Kevin Chapple   (2287)

                                 9)  Bottle of premium whisky was won by Nicky Flett  (4587)

                                10)  Two CDs were won by Aly Kite  (5300)

                                11)  'Help for Heroes' signed books were won by:

                                        Peter Mac (0764); Bethany Uren (3349); Cherry Phillip  (2059);

                                        Georgia Uren (3342), and Graham Coslette (4771)

                                12)  BBQ set was won by ticket number 1692  

            The purpose of this website is to inform you about our club and of course Rotary in general.

            Whether you are a visiting Rotarian, a club member or an inquisitive member of the public you

            are welcome to browse around to see who we are and what we do. Rotary is far from being a

            secret organisation and the pictures and profiles you will find within will help to show that we

            are real people, trying our hardest to do a bit of good, locally, nationally and internationally.

            The fact you are reading this page suggests you are interested in learning more about Rotary

            and hopefully the Helston Club in particular. All of us joined Rotary in order to put something

            back into the community through Rotary's tremendous charitable works. We hope that by

            browsing through our website you will get some idea of what being a Rotarian is all about.

            Rotary has many thousands of Clubs throughout the world, if you become a Rotarian in Helston

            you will then be able to visit any other club anywhere in the world and wherever you go you will

            receive a warm welcome and the fellowship that only Rotary can provide. This is most noticeable

            with the friendly rapport we have with the members of our twinned club in France, the Rotary Club

            of Lannion, many of whom have become close family friends.

            Why not join us one evening and see what it's all about? We welcome men and women of all ages,

            particularly those from the local community. Throughout the year we participate in many activities,

            generally with a charitable slant but also, sports, food and drink events, the theatre, general

            socialising - you name it we do it. Take a look at our Facebook page 'Facebook Helston Rotary 


            Please contact our Club Secretary  john.notley1@btinternet.com  to arrange a visit on club nights

            which are Thursday at Wheal Dream, Helston at 6 for 6.30pm - see you there...

            Why join Helston Rotary Club?

            The Rotary Club of Helston received its Charter from Rotary International in 1957 and at that time

            had 28 founder members. Since then, the Club membership has risen to around 40 with new

            members joining from time to time. The Club is also involved with the larger area of Rotary District

            1175, which comprises all the clubs in Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, along with the

            Cities of Plymouth, Truro and Exeter plus the towns and hamlets nestling on the western edge of the

            granite uplands of Dartmoor - all fall within the Rotary district.

            District 1175 holds periodic District Council Meetings, an annual District Assembly, and an annual

            Conference, usually at a seaside resort. All members can attend District meetings and the

            Conference. Our Club is also a constituent of Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland; which

            has a Secretariat at Offices based in Alcester, Warwickshire. RIBI operates under its own Rules

            and Constitution, though under the overriding umbrella of Rotary International (RI) based in Evanston,

            Chicago USA.

            We enjoy our Rotary and do our utmost to create an atmosphere of fun at all our meetings, which

            are usually filled with banter, humour and lots of good fellowship. The latter is one of the key

            ingredients in Rotary and is essential in making what we do enjoyable. Our regular weekly meetings

            are held on Thursdays at 6 for 6-30pm in the comfortable surroundings of the Wheal Dream

            Restaurant, where we enjoy a meal together and often listen to an invited speaker. Other events

            take place at regular intervals throughout the Rotary year. There is a mixture of social events,

            activities aimed at fund raising or using our manpower and talents to help the local community.

            Whatever the event, we aim to enjoy ourselves and in many activities, we are joined by our partners.

            Why do we want new members?

            Every organisation requires new blood and whilst the Rotary Club of Helston has a stable

            membership, inevitably, members are lost because people move jobs, fall off the planet, or

            experience pressures of business etc.

            Who is able to join Rotary?

            We would particularly welcome new young members who are keen to use their time and talents

            for the benefit of the local and international communities. There is no age requirement for

            membership of Rotary but young blood brings with it enthusiasm, new ideas and perhaps a more

            modern approach to some of our activities.

            Membership of Rotary is by invitation only and potential members should be aware of the following


  •   Be of good character and ethical business, professional, and employment reputation..

  •   Hold a position of  responsibility within a recognised business or profession.

  •   Have a place of business/employment or residence in or near to Helston.

            Joining Rotary is by invitation. This is not decided on whether your pockets are deep enough,

            or if you have the right politics or social graces. Rotarians come in both sexes, all shapes and

            sizes, from all walks of life, and, since politics and religion have no part in Rotary, a Club

            embraces the full range of opinions and beliefs. The Rotary Club of Helston is no exception.

            The majority of our members are drawn from those in professional, executive or managerial positions,

            self-employed businesspersons and shopkeepers. We have our fair share of retired members, and

            one or two who might be described as mild eccentrics, perhaps.

            We do however; base our opinion of suitability for membership on three points:

            Firstly, we explain that Rotary, like any worthwhile activity, is not particularly cheap.

            The annual subscription, which includes a substantial percentage sent direct to our District to

            R.I.B.I. (Rotary International Britain and Ireland) and Rotary International. There are other

            expenses such as a weekly meal, social activities, President's nights etc. All these activities are

            explained to prospective members at an 'information meeting'. However, taken overall, Rotary

            is probably no more expensive than playing golf or squash on a weekly basis and whether the

            expense is justified can only be a personal decision.

            Secondly, will you share in our fellowship?

            Fellowship is as important a part of Rotary as taking part in running of the Club and supporting

            social activities. Our Rotary Club is not a 'dining club' or a 'business club' where that is all that is

            involved. Non-members often think that we spend our time discussing business affairs and doing

            deals with other members. In fact, little or no business advantage is to be gained from Rotary,

            other than the knowledge that a person wearing the Rotary badge is a good guide to the standard

            of business ethics that can be expected. A member is expected to achieve an attendance at 50%

            of the appointed meetings, which can be made up by attendances at other Clubs.

            Thirdly, do you want to help the community?

            Just as it is not a 'dining club', Rotary is not a social club whose members provide charity from

            their own pockets. We do not like the phrase 'cheque-book Rotary'. For our members, Community

            Service means giving time and getting involved. This may mean helping out at the Carol Singing,

            taking blood pressures at Helston Motor Show, taking part in a beach clean or organising one of

            the many events that raise money, or helping directly in the community in various ways. It is

            members' time that matters. If you are interested in putting something back into society, feel the

            need to help others when they struggle to help themselves and want to be part of an impressive

            international organisation of over 1.2 million members in just about every country that you can think

            of, then Rotary is for you.

            If you think you would like to know more about Rotary - what do you do now?

            If you know one of our Members, and express an interest, they will suggest that you come to

            a few meetings, and find out more for yourself. If you do not know one of our Members, but think

            that you would share our ideals and attitudes to Community Service, and would like to find out

            more, please contact our Secretary or President. If you agree that a visit would be appropriate,

            they will arrange for a member to 'look after' you with a view to prospective membership.

            However you arrange to visit us, you will be made welcome.

            It's as easy as that!

            After a few meetings, an information meeting would be convened (usually after a regular club

            meeting) where a few of the members will talk to you to and explain about the duties and

            responsibilities involved, and answer your questions. If this goes well, your details are circulated

            to all of the members in the club, objections can be raised, but have to be justified, and would be

            discussed by the Club Council. Prospective members are then inducted formally, and welcomed

            into the worldwide family of 1,200,000 Rotarians. Don't worry, there are no secret ceremonies,

            the induction is merely a formal welcome!

There is so much more that we could do with your help.

Still interested? View our contacts page, or speak to any of our members.

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