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Rotary Santa &bra collections

Rotary Santa &bra collections

As Santa prepares to visit Crewe his helpers make sure his float is "spick &span"

Xmas Float

Xmas Float

If you can help go to our facebook page

Rotary Science

Rotary Science

Rotary Crewe sponsor "Rotary Crewe Science week" with demonstrations around Crewe.
Also shown a previous Rotary Science event "A trip to the stars"






Wistaston Church Lane pupils plant 2000+ purple crocus at Joey the Swan on October 20th. Crewe Rotarians Frank and Tom pictured,

Crewe Food bank -St Paul's

Crewe Food bank -St Paul's

Crewe Rotary continuing to support our town's food bank. 10 collections have been made and over 1 ton of food donated. Crewe Rotary -helping people at home -and having fun doing it. Thanks due to the generous people of Crewe, Haslington and Wistaston


About us

Crewe Rotary launched the float for Santa back in early December. Santa is pictured with some of his elves and the Mayor of Crewe. Santa has toured most of Crewe over the last four weeks finishing this evening ,Christmas eve, at Tesco. He needs to go home, fill his sleigh and deliver to all those people looking forward to a joyful Xmas. Best wishes for a peaceful healthy time to all.

Crewe Rotary celebrates 90 years of service in Crewe.  A dinner dance November 2022.

This follows a planting of 3000 purple crocus in Queens Park in October 2022 as a contibution to END POLIO.This brings a total of 80,000 Purple crocus planted in schools and parks in the town in the last ten years.  was our second celebration our first being the planting of 3000 purple crocus in Queens Park in October for END POLIO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           July 2022 found Crewe Rotary at Springield school Crewe summer fete. Guess which member the photo showsThe Queen comes to Springfield

ROTARY SCIENCE IN MARCH 2022. Over 1500 young students experiencesd, interested and enjoyed a range of Science presentations with hands on a key part of every session.

Rotarians planted 8000 purple crocus in Crewe last autumn,making a total of 70,000 over the last 7 years.

All in support of Rotary's campaign END POLIO NOW.Below a picture of a Rotarians garden from crocus bought in support of the campaign

Rotarians collecting food from Morrisons in a joint venture for Crewe food bank St Paul's pantry.

An amusing summary of the children's letters posted to Santa in 2021

Santa Letters 2021 I’ve been delegated* to report on the letters to Father Christmas that were posted this year through the Santafloat letterbox.  At 71, I wasn’t best-placed to understand the nature of some of the requests (‘pickle plushie’, ‘shiny egg’, ‘OMG styling head’). Nor were informed insights readily available, with both daughters in their thirties and a single grandchild aged one. Forty-two letters were received. They varied from beautifully crafted envelopes (one covered by a particularly fine abstract) that were otherwise empty, to very full sheets of manuscript A4. Judging by the handwriting, the age of correspondents ranged from four to rising twenty-one.  Some letters were fairly simple, and some correspondents were content to just send best wishes to Santa and Mrs S or even an unsigned card. One or two paid tactful tribute to Santa’s enduring generosity: ‘Santa, you are the best’, ‘I will stay good and always blive in you.’ Others took a practical approach, thoughtfully leaving out milk, biscuits and/or mince pies for a ravening Santa, and - a nice touch - carrots for the reindeer. One remembered to give her address: ‘House number 36 or 63’. Another sought to impress Santa by generously recalling the needs of others: ‘What my Dad wants – necklace (boy’s), jumper with Man United logo’. Inevitably, there was a wide range of requests. Clothes, pens, dolls, logo’d sportswear (Crewe Alex, Liverpool, Man U), make-up, electric scooters, jewellery, and skate boards figured large. Peppa Pig was mentioned several times, boosted late-on by the Prime Minister’s product placement. One message was totally illegible, but the catalogue picture it enclosed of a four-storey doll’s house - taller than the average pre-teenager - suggested its general drift. Others prioritised their requests with a firm grasp of realities: ‘I do love dogs but I’m going for music’. Most Rotarians can probably best identify with the request for ‘LOL surprises’. Some lists were truly comprehensive eg              Exhibit 1                                                                                                                Foundation, lipstick, bronze                                                                                               Cute mouse pad                                                                                                                       Flat shoes                                                                                                                                         Willow statue                                                                                                                      Millie’s Cookies voucher                                                                                               Handbag/purse                                                                                                                                        Fluffy pj’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          New Gangsta Granny Strikes Again                                                                               Slippers                                                                                                                          Hogwarts backpack                                                                                                            False nails  If this list seems excessive, it at least blends the practical (shoes, slippers, backpack) and the entertaining (mouse pad, false nails), with a nod to the creative arts (sculpture).                                                                                                                Exhibit 2                                                                                                                                     ‘A tablet’ [not, I’m guessing, Rennies]                                                                                     Pens and notebooks                                                                                                                Box of darts                                                                                                                           ‘Some bored games’ [Who’s never felt that way about Monopoly on Christmas night?]                                                                                                                           Electric scooter                                                                                                               Backpack                                                                                                                          ‘Mazzive teddy bear’                                                                                                            ‘and last but not least a car-themed huddy’                                                                                                                                                                     Overall, the warmth of almost all the letters was impressive, and evidence - if it were needed - that the Santafloat continues to delight people in Crewe. And not just the children. *by Derek, so if you see him walking towards you next Christmas with a folder of letters – RUN.

The Minshull new road team supporting Santa below -the record breakers!!!!

Crewe Rotarians supporting Santa at Springfield special school Crewe at the Xmas fair 2021 December

Crewe Rotarians David and Tom supporting Crewe Clean Team in their litter sweep in the Flag Lane area.

Crewe Rotarians planting purple crocus on Tuesday 9th November at Wistaston Church Lane primary school.

On Wednesday 20th October Crewe Rotary and Wistaston Church Lane primary school planted 2000+ purple crocus at Joey the Swan alongside a new path created by the park volunteers who also helped

Today Tuesday October 7th 2021 Crewe Rotary members leafletted the eastern roads of Haslington and will be collecting any donations next Tuesday 12th.Crewe foodbank St Paul's have indicated they are expecting an upswing in numbers following the end of the £20 Universal Benefit. Some Schools and churches in the town  are offering their harvest festival proceeds to St Pauls.

President Steven Clark taking the chain of office from past President Jane Chalmers. 

On the 16th July Past President Jane married Crewe Rotarian Iain. Crewe Rotarians David B, David S, Derek and Tom were at West Street church to show the club's support and best wishes

Crewe Rotarian Iain fully kilted

Cameron who has been a key worker in the club's operation wheelbarrow collecting food for Crewe foodbank pictured in the full regalia at the wedding

A happy gang of Rotarians prepare to start collecting food for St Pauls food bank on 5/6/21 on Coleridge Way and Roads off.

Crocus for END POLIO. Crewe Rotary have planted another 8000 purple crocus making 58,000 so far.

Purple is the campaign colour of the campaign to end the disease POLIO by mass immunisation across the world. Pictured l to r Rotarians Dennis and Tom planting 1000 crocus on the bank in Valley Park -thus helping the environment and raising awareness of the campaign

Two pictures showing Rotarian Tom kneeling and planting and Clean team leader Dave following the planting.

Note the Rotary plaque in an area that Rotary Crewe has planted some 4000 crocus with today's addition

19/10 finds Crewe Rotarians supplying St Paul's with another collection from the good people of Wistaston.

Crewe Rotary were instrumental in setting up the Crewe based Talking Newspaper for the visually impaired.

Crewe Rotary member Ray Gladden was one of the driving forces and you can learn more by following this link  


Continuing our collections - on 5/10/20 Rotarians Dennis and Tom delivered our collection to St Paul's Foodbank ,Crewe.Also pictured Alexia Stockton from St Pauls 

Crewe Rotary continue their food collection for St Pauls foodbank also known as Crewe food bank.This the third time was on the Poet's estate in Wistaston on saturday5/9/20.Our first two collections made two thirds of a ton add this one and maybe we will break our first ton.This shows Rotarians Dennis and Tom with the collection delivered to St Paul's on Monday

President Jane with our filled trailer from our second collection

The "barrow boy" collectors

Crewe members +Cameron lined up at Wistaston Memorial ready for the collection

Crewe Rotary members at Crewe Food Bank, St Pauls, with a selection of food as they experience much higher demand.Fray Bentos tinned pies are a sought after item.


Crewe Rotary had delivered their order for Illustrated dictionaries today June 23rd 2020. As the primary schools are not fully open we look forward to presenting them to several schools in Crewe probably in September.Crewe Rotary has presented dictionaries for the last few years and headteachers have remarked that such items are excellent learning/teaching tools.

Students from Wistaston school who wrote to Prof Wilson expressing their enthusiasm for her chemistry demonstration.


Rotary Science was held March 6th to 13th in 10 schools in Crewe. Approximately 1300 young people have taken part in stimulating interesting science sessions.Below are a series of pictures showing some of the sessions

post grads from Manchester explore the fascination of chemistry

Prof Lorelly Wilson exploring the role of gravity and air pressure

Two students making carbon dioxide in a demonstrative way

Prof Wilson showing the role of carbon dioxide as a fire extinguisher


Jane Knight showing a good follow through action.

Clive replacing the skittles -not sure why but this photo will only upload in this position

President Dennis with the winners from Edleston school on 25th February for their written report on the visit to The Lion Salt museum. He is accompanied  by Rotarians Frank Baldwin and Tom Protheroe

below the winning entries


Rotary Crewe and ROTARY DAY.

The local M.P. Kieran Mullan , President Crewe Rotary Dennis Straine-Francis, the Mayors and Mayoress of Cheshire East, Deputy  Mayor  of Crewe and the Rotary District Governor attended the club's ROTARY DAY. Here 37 charities and local groups met to exchange views on how they operate and to network with other groups..

5 from the left is Rotarian Frank Baldwin who organised the day and who is well known to the many groups in Crewe that we have supported with help and donations this year.

He commented that without the 150 volunteers helping us with our Xmas collections we would not be able to support so many groups.Volunteers were called for.

Crewe Rotary sponsored a class from Edleston school to visit the Lion salt museum January 30th 2020.Rotarians Tom & Frank attended.

Making salt theRoman way 

in the pub and them so young!!!!!!!!!!! learning about hydration and salt tablet rebalancing electrolytes.


Getting dressed for work

The big salt pan -were they interested -look at the picture again

Finally the laboratory - who said chemistry was dull?

Below examples of letters received by Santa in December 2019

1.I have summ redy food and cucys for you Santa

2.My Xmas list x box -that is good -fortnite gun-a diary- Jurassic world lego -trainers -addas shirt that's it thank you Santa -Joshua

Santa -Ino wot I wot for Christmas Santa I wot a niteoswist and a apple pen for my i pad  Layla

and finally

Dear Santa you are the best in the world becuase you give people what they want every year for Christmas you do a good job every year for the children on Christmas day                   love from  Sophie Joshua and George                                                                                                                                                              Rotary Crewe supported many groups in Crewe during 2019 here are some of them.

We wish them a peaceful enjoyable Christmas

Local Alzheimer's group, ex Residents of Beechmere - following the fire-Crewe Rotarians Iain Chalmers and Jane Whetnall at Hope &Beams provided free Sunday lunches for ex residents for three months with a grant from the club.The club Rotarians were the potatoe peelers, the washer upperers and any other job required.

The Samaritans, Crewe Men in Sheds, The Joshua society,LATH -the Crewe group working to help the homeless in Crewe, Crewe Sea Horse swimming group, Wishing Well, St Lukes Hospice, thuscular centre at Winsford.Leighton hospital prostate cancer group.Some of the other groups were local branches of bigger charities eg Cancer Research, Marie Curie, Parkinson's society

Crewe Alex was the setting for Santa with his elves from Crewe Rotary as they prepare for 3700 home fans as Crewe played Mansfield. Crewe drew 1-1

President Dennis and Sylvia after Crewe Rotary had enjoyed their annual Xmas dinner at Homes and Beams

Where is Rotary Way what is the Rotary Way how many ways does Rotary help?

Ask 42 charities and groups in Crewe. END POLIO ask  14 primary schools in Crewe.

Ask the 5000 young people who have experienced a Rotary Science presentation in the last three years.

Santa visits Rotary Way

Santa with his elves, his reindeer and Springfield members of staff

Santa with staff member Emma at Sringfield special school in Santa's grotto.Lots of children went to the grotto and were excited to have a chat and receive a present from Santa

Students and staff from Springfield special school  with those stalwart three Rotarians Frank, Ray and Tom planting our final 1000 purple crocus for this year as part of  the END POLIO campaign. Finally 50000 purple crocus have been been planted in Crewe.

last years crocus come up at St Mary's Dane Bank Rotarians Frank, Ray, Tom and Neil

Four musketeers just finished planting 1000 purple crocus corms in Queens Park to add to the 2000 planted last year. We did it on 5th  November,bonfire night, the park looked tremendous, yellows and golds with splashes of red. l to r Rotarian Neil, Steve, Frank and Tom 

Youngsters from Monks Coppenhall school planting some of the 1000 crocus planted to raise awareness of our Rotary END POLIO campaign.Over sixty young people took part and thanks are expressed to Ms  Bromilow who coordinated the children.


Rotarian Tom Protheroe handing out purple crocus corms at Monks.

From 1000 young people a day across the world contracting POLIO forty years ago we now have 1 a month. Keep supporting Rotary the END of POLIO is in sight.

Pictured Crewe Rotarian Jane Whetnall receiving her Paul Harris Fellowship award for a range of activites both within the club and in the wider community.As director of Hope and Beams she has coached young people with disability for over 20 years.She is the GB coach.She provides really good lunches for the elderly -everyone should try it. With the support of Rotary Crewe she has been supplying Sunday lunches for the displaced residents of Beechmere following the disastrous fire. The award was presented at our Charter on November 14th 2019

Last week found us at Crewe UTC planting another 1000 crocus as part of our END POLIO campaign lto r Ray, Frank, Tom, Dennis and Jerry

Santa's elves have been busy turning his float "green". Pictured from l to r are Derek, Clive and Neil who are putting the finishing touches to an ALL electric float.Look out in December as Santa glides around the streets of Crewe

On thursday 31st Crewe welcomed a member of the Bulgarian embassy who gave an interesting talk on Bulgaria's history, food and traditions.Pictured below with Dennis club President is Mr Vasil Asenov. Did you know Bulgaria goes back to the 6th century?

Pictured below on the left Crewe Rotarian Sabri Tezdzhan with Mr   Vasil Asenov       with Past President Neil walking at the back

Crewe Rotary helped in setting up the Crewe Clean Team and pictured are the various helpers with David McDonald the leader giving guidelines before we tackle the litter around Dunelm. Almost 6 bags of cans.Crewe Rotarian Tom in the yellow hi viz jacket

As we prepare to plant our 50000th purple crocus at Crewe UTC 25TH October below a selection of the sites in Crewe we have planted previously


Valley park

St Mary school Crewe

Jubilee gardens

Each year the club holds a potato growing competition -biggest spud wins plus heaviest crop.Here is Protheroe's entry for 2019 roll on 2020  when a better effort is expected. If you want to take part - it will cost you £5 contact Crewe Rotary on this website

As well as helping to END POLIO the Crewe club has adopted Forever Angels as it's overseas charity.Pictured are Val Lithgow also an Angel receiving a cheque from  club President 2019/2020. This is the third year we have donated and feeding orphaned babies in Tanzania will be one of the groups highlighted at our district conference next year.

Where is this? It is in Crewe. Part of turning the town purple. Crewe Rotary are helping END POLIO. From 1000 children a day struck down by POLIO to  just 1 a month last year.All the Rotary clubs in south Cheshire are taking part in raising awareness of this crippling disease so if you see purple it could be us.


Not the jungle but Hunters lodge Crewe turning purple.It is END POLIO week.Want to know more contact Crewe Rotary. 

Crewe Rotary members + Nantwich Rotary + Inner WheeI Crewe + Inner Wheel  Nantwich help Crewe Rotarian Jane Whetnall prepare potatoes and carrots for Sunday lunch. Jane and Iain are providing up to 60 Sunday lunches for the residents of Beechmere which burned down scattering them over south Cheshire.Doing this people who had been friends for years and had lost every thing in the fire can   meet and have a chat over a 3 course meal.


Tezdzhan Sabri is a club member  who runs cafe "Rimini" on Victoria street Crewe.

 On 15th September he organised a group of traditional Bulgarian dancers to dance outside his cafe -they are pictured below.Similar to other folk dances everyone joined in a very joyful occasion.

On September 12th Crewe Rotary agreed to join "Hopes and Beams" in a joint venture to provide free Sunday lunches for ex Beechmere residents to help them reunite with friends following the disastrous fire.Following the fire they have been dispersed across south Cheshire and have been struggling to reunite. pictured is Jane Whetnall being given a cheque by club President Dennis to help fund the programme. Mers also volunteered to help prepare veg, meet and greet as well as provide some transport.

Crewe Rotary helped develope this lovely garden at Vine Tree school Crewe along with mums who wanted to see their children take more interest in gardening. In a few months probably October we will plant a few hundred crocus as part of our END POLIO campaign

Ms Aspinall presenting collected bras from St Thomas More on July 19th. Crewe club has collected over 12000 bras so far.The money raised goes to "Against breast cancer"

The collection  prevents UK landfill,contributes to a cancer charity and the bras are sent to east Africa  where they help reduce "groping" win,in,in 

Past President Neil presenting first prize to Sue Bushell for the heaviest potatoe

President Dennis addressing the "spud u like "group at Tez's cafe6/7/19

Rotarians, Bushell, Baldwin,Waling,Armitage, Clark  and Protheroe were steward volunteers for the St Luke's midnight walk from Nantwich to Crewe rail station and back on daturday .Pictured is Tom Protheroe ushering walkers across Walthall street, Frank was on Westminister street and David further towards Nantwich. We were given a "goody bag"  a van brought us a cup of tea and bacon sandich around 10-45pm and I returned to Reaseheath to book Frank & I out and had another bacon bap around 1-30pm.Clive wizzed up and down Nantwich Road displaying his Crewe Rotary credentials A pleasant warm evening  and here's hoping St Luke's (the local hospice) did well.


Past President Neil, President Dennis, Senior Vice Chris junior vice Jane

Rotary President Dennis congratulating Jane Whetnall on becoming Vice President

Rotary  President Dennis Straine Francis (2019 2020) being presented with his insignia by Past President Neil Fearn June 27th 

from   President Nearn on  27th June

Rotarians Dennis and Tom and competitors at the Haslington fun day on May 11th.The weather stayed dry and a stream of youngsters tried their hand at Baggo Thanks to members Lindsey and James for the gazebo. 

President Neil Fearn with Sally Scott a volunteer fund raiser for the Lee Rigby Foundation. They provide a quiet safe haven for traumatised servicemen and their families.It is hoped that as well as our donation the club will be able to help Sally raise awareness of their work among the people of Crewe and south Cheshire.

Members of the club welcoming Mr Angel an M.P. from Bulgaria with his friend Tez also from Bulgaria and a member of the club on thursday 7th March

5th from left Mr Angel, 3rd friom left Tez

Members of the Rotary Club of Crewe on a visit to Crewe UTC. We were given the talk and tour by the Deputy Principal. We learned that the number of students enroling was steadily growing as the reputation grows. For students interested in learning engineering principles and putting them into practice this college with it's impressive array of machinery, computers and sophisticated software is ideal to take students on a pathway to success.

We did ask if the Bentley was a freebie -it was not -but a quality tour

President Neil (3rd from left) chaired the club's Rotary Day Sixty two people representing around 40 groups were present on Friday Feb 22nd. These groups have been supported with donations by Rotary Crewe under Frank Baldwin (7th from left) the club's community chair. Others present were Cllr Lesley Smetham (Cheshire East Mayor) Cllr Brian Roberts (Crewe Mayor) and Rotary District Governor Steve Martin. The representatives of 5 groups who spoke about their work in Crewe are also pictured.

 President Neil Fearn of the Rotary club of Crewe presenting joint Inner Wheel Club of Crewe Presidents with a donation in support of their charities.l to r Chris Gregory, Neil Fearn and Diane Park. The occasion was the Annual Dinner of Inner Wheel and was attended by 31 members and friends of both clubs.

Rotarians at Crewe Alexandra preparing to collect for Neuro muscular Centre on tuesday 12th Feb.

Jenny from MND ( far right) is their fund raising manager.

Crewe Alex won 2-1 against Carlisle -great result for MNC and the Alex

Rotarians at Springfield special school Christmas Fayre.Santa arrived on the Rotary Sleigh and entertained the youngsters whilst elf Tom won a magnum of prosecco -those elves!!!

Rotarians, Ray Stafford, Frank Baldwin and Tom Protheroe with Chair of Friends of Springfield,  teachers and pupils of Springfield special school. In November Rotary Crewe planted 3000 crocus in the Springfield garden. The youngsters planted the last few of 45000 crocus planted across the town in the last three years.

Rotarians Frank Baldwin and Tom Protheroe planting 1,5000 purple crocus at the Sherborne community project. These youngsters are part of the community gardening project.

Rotarians Baldwin, Fearn , Bushell and Protheroe planting purple crocus at Hunters Lodge Hotel, Crewe. Rotary Crewe meet there every thursday.

During October 3rd at IBIS Hotel Cewe almost 3000 unwanted bras were donated. us saving landfill, obtaining donations to a breast cancer charity and thirdly helping women in Africa - whats there not to like? Pictured are Dennis and Tom from Rotary and Debra Cumming from Danesound.com based in Holmes Chapel

October 3rd and a fun photo of Rotarian Tom and a group of girls from a company off Electra Way with a few of the donated bras.

President Neil and Tom Protheroe International chair at the entrance to IBIS Styles hotel ,Electra Way on 4th September having collected three bags of old bras for the charity "against breast cancer"tra WAY with bags of old bras kindly donated

President Neil presenting a cheque to "Forever Angels treasurer Val Lithgow.Interanational chair Protheroe is also pictured

Joint President of the Inner Wheel club of Crewe Diana Park receiving a bouquet from President Neil at the social at Hough village hall on Sunday 5th August. The puddings were to die for  

Pictured below the Crewe Rotarians, President Neil,Derek,Frank, Lindsey, James, Ray, Dennis and Tom with the Mayor of Crewe enjoying the sunshine at Pickmere. Aug 4th 

Saturday 4th Agust saw Crewe Rotary, the baggo board and glorious sunshine at Pickmere complex enjoying a "Community Day". 31 was the highest score achieved and the box of chocolates duly awarded although not to this little chap. Dennis and Ray were clearly exhausted by the heat!!!

On June 26th a class from Edleston school visited Apedale mining heritage centre and experienced going down a drift mine.

The youngsters were amazed by the experience and took home a bag of coal for rubbing on their faces None of them have coal fires at home.The club held a competition on "my day in the mine"   .and pictured is the winning entry


Young people in Crewe being enthralled by Science

A peregrine falcon at Edleston school. The whole class had a Harry Potter moment when they were up close to a range of British Owls. 

Architect or builder these youngsters worked as a team

Try this at home -Techniquest challenge boys in Crewe

Make CO2 and put out the flames


               Some pictures from areas we planted over the last two years 

Outside Christchurch opposite the Life style centre.The END POLIO Rotary board at the end.

EDLESTON SCHOOL-around a memorial

Valley Park

Part of our horseshoe for good luck planted with youngsters from Edleston school and

the Mayor of Crewe


St Mary's RC school - our crocus nestling in front of the Marie Curie's daffodils


Rotarian Tom Protheroe(on left) receives a certificate of achievement from President Neil Fearn in recognition of the money raised by Crewe  schools to support the "PURPLE CROCUS END POLIO NOW" campaign.Almost 35000 crocus have been planted ln schools and public parks


From day March 9th through to March 19th  1500 young people in the Crewe area have enjoyed Scientific presentations as part of National Science Week. This was done through 32 demonstrations delivered in primary schools in Crewe

One school inspired by one of our demonstrations "To infinity and beyond"" created this wall on poems on gravity

an individual poem

Youngsters at Leighton Ademy and Edleston primary tried their hand at civil engineering and architecture.   

Rotary Day

On Friday 23rd February over 30 local organisations and charities were joined by the Mayor of Cheshire East Arthur Moran, his Mayoress Carole Thomas and local M.P  Laura Smith to celebrate Crewe Rotary donating £8000 of the £12000 raised on the Christmas float.

photo left to right
Deputy Mayor of Crewe Dennis Straine Francis, Rotary assistant Governor Nick Gidney President of Rotary Crewe Neil Fearn, community chair Frank Baldwin , the Mayor, Mayoress, .M.P.  Laura Smith and youth officer Tom Protheroe

Give us a hand

Rotary Science enthralls another group of young people! On.TuesdayJanuary 23rd 2018 we visited Springfield (special) school where over two demontrations 80 adults and students enjoyed Chemistry with Cabbage presented by Lorelly Wilson pictured here giving a hand!


carbon dioxide being demonstrated as a fire extinguisher

Santa Claus' helpers clean his float ready to visit Crewe and bring joy to thousands of youngsters.If you can help please contact Crewe Rotary.


A selection of competitors and dishes created at the Crewe Rotary Young chef at Sir William Stanier High school.Andy Panayi of Hunters Loge Hotel was the judge for the evening and he commented"An excellent range of skills and taste provided by these young people" 


Children at Vine Tree primary, Crewe lighting the PEACE CANDLE at the beginning of a day(17th November) long celebration of PEACE. PEACE  songs,dances, poems and pictures were created. Sponsored by Rotary Crewe over 2000 young people in Crewe have enjoyed PEACE DAYS over this term.

Youngsters enjoying PEACE songs during their morning break at Vine Tree

Haslington Boys help orphans in eastern Europe

President Neil Fearn (in sweater) and Rotarian Tom Protheroe accept Rotary Shoe Boxes and items for more boxes from Haslington Boys' Brigade. These will join the hundreds of other boxes collected from schools in Crewe before being sent to various orphanages in eastern Europe.

November 7th finds Lorelly Wilson demonstrating "Chemistry with Cabbage to 40 parents and pupils of Edleston school

                                                                  SANTA SANTA SANTA  SANTA

Rotary Crewe have started their planning for December 2017. The first float visit will be on December 4th and continues in different parts of Crewe town,Haslington and Wistaston until December 23rd. If you are a driver willing to tow, have an inner wish to help Santa, or organise a group who would be willing to collect please  contact us

Mr Cox,headteacher, and a representative group of students from the Dingle school in Haslington on the 7th November standing in front of the 79 Rotary shoe boxes (filled by families) which are destined for orphans in eastern Europe.Parents also donated alot of money towards the Rotary transport costs.

The Angel made out of knives surrendered to the police in the 43 constabularies.It is on display at the British Iron works which was part of the District 1180 conference programme.

Tom & Sue Protheroe with Derek & June Poppleton standing next to the President of RIBI's END POLIO car,He brought it to the District 1180 meeting at Oswestry

We have been holding a series of PEACE DAYS, encouraging young people to create Peace Poems, Peace Songs, Peace pictures and Peace dances. These events involve the whole school and are all day programmes. Pictured are young people from Leighton primary with Peace Ambassadors from St Mary's RC primary school

President Neil introducing new member Chris Waling.

                         Have you paid all your tax?

The club received an interesting talk on HMRC and the tax system,on thursday 26th October from Jeremy Stretton a former tax inspector seen here with President Neil on the left.

President Neil in London for World Polio Day on tuesday 24th October showing a "purple pinkie" denoting his Polio immunisation is up to date.This method  is used in India part of the world wide Rotary campaign when almost 70 million children are immunised each year. In Crewe thousands of pounds have been raised to buy vaccine.

Rotary at Christchurch Crewe planting 1500 crocus with   Crewe Clean Team & scouts on saturday 21st October 2017. 1500 crocus were also planted in October 2016. Should be a great sight in 2018!!!

  A Rotary plaque was embedded to celebrate how close Rotary are to eliminating this scourge.The plaque was made by "Men in sheds" Crewe.


Rotary at Valley Park Crewe with Edleston school and Mayor of Crewe, councillor Yates. Over 3000 crocus were planted by 60 children from the school on 17th October.The Mayor Cllr Yates and Crewe Rotary President are on the far right of the picture

Rotary Crewe member Tom Potheroe gives Australian leader the Crewe Club pendant in recognition of their visit. Pictured here after a journey in a narrow long boat on the river Weaver  at Northwich on saturday 14th October.This was followed by an excellent tour of the Lion Salt works and museum.

Australian visitors on GSE Rotary exchange          l to r Crewe President Neil Fearn,Australian visitors and David Barton  Chair of District Foundation.The occasion was the final presentation given by our guests at Winnington. The Rotary Club of Northwich were the hosts.

                                                    Chemistry with Cabbage

Pictured Lorelly Wilson and a series of chemistry experiments you can do in the kitchen.Held on 11th October in The Dingle school at Haslington.Over 60 parents, grandparents and youngsters filled the hall.Putting out fires with invisible gas, using red cabbage water to distinguish acids and alkalis found in the kitchen etc As with all young people the exploding fountain provoked the greatest response!


On thursday 28th the club were informed of the history and current heritage of coal mining in North Staffs.Curator at the Apedale mining centre gave a fascinating insight into the mine -the name being derived from Apple dale from when the valley was covered in apple orchards.Pictured here with President Neil Fearn

                                           KEEP CREWE CLEAN

The Rotary Crewe team have supported the Crewe Clean team since it was formed and on saturday 23rd September rotarian Tom Potheroe helped with the clear up of Goddard street scheduled for redevelopmentTons were collected  and Tom is pictured doing his bit -don't strain yourself lad!


                                   ROTARY CREWE ENCOURAGES SHARED LEARNING

Following a Big Lottery Grant the club was excited to gain the support of Lorelly Wilson MBE  Fellow of Manchester University pictured below. Since the programme started in May 2017 over 600 parents and young people have shared the joys of chemistry experiments which can be carried out with materials found in every kitchen. 

The programme restarts next week at Mablins Lane primary school.

Anderton Boat Lift, Parkinson Society, Rotary Club of Crewe 19th September 2017

Pictured are the Rotary Club of Crewe President Neil Fearn congratulating Geoff Sheridan, organiser on a successful trip to the Boat Lift and a trip on the canal. This the second year we have supported the Parkinson Society,

Thursday 14th September

President Neil Fearn congratulates Kate Everils a special needs nurse who has recently returned from volunteering in Ghana.The club contributed to her expenses in going and in return she informed the club of her time in Ghana. Also  shown club member Clive Armitage who was the original sponsor.

Manchester ship canal

On Sunday 13th August a group of Crewe Rotarians and partners took a 6 hour trip from Seacombe to Manchester (Lowry basin).Pictured is President Neil Fearn just before the ship passed under the Thelwall viaduct.

      pictured belowJune Poppleton,Sue Protheroe, Roger &Wendy Beastall                                               


Pictured the winner Ray Bough with Rotary Crewe President Neil Fearn. Ray's potato weighed 14oz and easily beat all other entrants.The competition sponsored by Minshull nursuries involves growing potatoes for 15 weeks in tubs and as well as the heaviest who had the lightest crop-David Bushell -pictured  second.

                                  Rotary Science -Cabbage with Chemistry 

As a result of a BIG LOTTERYgrant Crewe Rotary have been able to launch a series of Chemistry demonstrations in primary schools.The demonstrations are performed by Lorelly  Wilson M.B.E.pictured below at Beechwood primary school in Crewe. A further set of demonstrations are arranged for autumn 2017. Over 500 parents and youngsters have enjoyed the experience in the first programme.

                                           Paul Harris award

Sue Protheroe, treasurer of the Inner Wheel Club of Crewe receives a Paul Harris award at the outgoing/incoming President's lunch. President Neil Fearn commented on her many years of service both to the Inner Wheel Club , the Rotary Club of Crewe and the wider community.

                                       Beechwood School Crewe

Pictured is Chloe Moore (teacher) of Beechwood after receiving 15 "Dictionaries 4 Life" from youth officer Tom Protheroe on Wednesday 26th July.It is planned to use these to help youngsters whose first language is not English.The school will be taking part in the END POLIO autumn crocus planting programme.


Crewe Rotary planted over 23,500 crocus last autumn.Below  some of them in bloom.This was done all over the the UK as part of the ENDof POLIO Rotary campaign.From over 1000 children struck down 30 years ago this year 2017 there has only been 5 cases in the world reported. Join us in this campaign and help the children of the world..

Crewe Rotary members , Inner Wheel Crewe and friends spent a fascinating day at Bletchley Park on the 5th April. Friend of Rotary Crewe David Scott is on his starting line ready for the race to the local pub for a meal. 

Clive Armitage joins Rotary Crewe

Following a long association with the club, mainly through supporting our Xmas Float and planting crocus

Clive decided in March2017 to become a full time member.Pictured President Tom Protheroe welcomes Clive as the Objects of Rotary are announced. Clive is Working to make the club a Dementia friendly organisation.

ttt a 

South Cheshire College

After planting 1000 crocus last autum, viewing them in the south Cheshire College in early March 2017 President Tom Protheroe and Rotary Club friend David Scott spent a morning exploring David's experiences in India when he joined the National Immunisation programme.The students at the college are now developing "END POLIO NOW" posters for the end of April.


                                                             St Mary's RC primary school

On 21st March 2017 a group of "END POLIO NOW" crocus student planters from the school gathered as a Rotary sign was planted among the flowering crocus.Matthew Plant , teacher at the school, had been instrumental in arranging the planting and the donation the school gave towards the programme and our thanks are due to him.Mattthew a keen supporter of International peace and fellowship among young people

commented " What Rotary are doing and it's values can be a shared experience for all young people"

pictured l to r Rotarians Frank Baldwin, Ray Stafford MBE Tom Protheroe MBE (President) and Neil Fearn


ON FRIDAY 24TH feb over 40 Crewe based charities and organisations met at The Georges centre to celebrate Rotary DayDignitaries attending were Edward Timpson M.P.,Olivia Hunter Cheshire East Mayor, Marilyn Houston Crewe Town Mayor and Molly Youd Rotary District Governor. Crewe Rotary President Tom Protheroe hosted the day.-following talks by 5 of the groups plenty of networking took place.Edward Timpson summarised by thanking all the volunteers who do so much to help people in the town.

Don Tomkinson receIves a commendation for his 55 years service to the Rotary club of Crewe presnted by President Tom Protheroe 

Youngsters from the Sherborne community garden project with the Mayor of Crewe, helpers and Rotarians as awards for the best designed crocus pot were awarded


President Tom Protheroe with MEN-IN-SHEDS  the three shields celebrating the completion of the club planting 21000 crocus in schools, colleges and public spaces in Crewe.

 Crewe members in Westminster Hall before enjoying a visit to the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lordsr 

President Tom receiving over £200 from pupils at Leighton Academy. The school had held a "Purple crocus planting day" as part of Rotary 

's END POLIO campaign. Pupils are shown planting giant crocus.Over 700 were planted.


Sunday 6th November 200 brownies and Girl Guides went to South Cheshire College and enjoyed sessions in the MMU STARLAB.

Sunday 23rd and a morning stop for coffee with PCSO Stuart Mortimer and President Tom Rotary Crewe  having pushed the trolley from Crewe to Nantwich

On saturday 22nd Otober Rotary Biddulph pushed a Sainsbury trolley from Biddulph to   Hunters Lodge hotel,Crewe   (en route to Llandudno -90 miles) where they were met by Crewe Rotarians President Tom Protheroe,Neil Fearn, Frank Baldwin and ex mayor Ray StaffordMBE.

Devlin Hobson, Middlewich town crier added a resounding Oyez!!!

They are raising money for Alzheimers and Action for children and can be followed on their facrbook page.

Look out for Santa as he travels around Crewe 

mon 5th Wistaston/Emmerdale/Riverside

Tue 6th Manor Way/Gresty

Wed 7th Alton St /Valley Road estates

Th 8th Coppenhall Lane/Marshfield Bank  

Fri 9th Hungerford/Poets/Sydney

Sat 10th Wistaston Fuller Road

Sun 11th Minshull New Road

mon 12th Haslington1

tu13th Coppenhall/Sedgemere/Parker Rd

Wed14th Ruskin/Danebank/Gainsborough

Thur 15th Middlewich St estate

Fri 16th Wistaston/Poets/Church Lane 

Sat 17th Market Centre

Sun 18thASDA

Mon 19th Haslington 2

Tues 20th Underwood Lane /Mablins Lane

Wed 21st ALDI

Thur 22nd Morrisons

Fri 23rd Tesco

Sir William Stanier High School hold an END POLIO Assembly as part of the Rotary Club's drive to raise awareness and funds. Pictured are [upils from SWS and Rotarians,Baldwin,Fearn ,Straine Francis and Protheroe

Crewe Rotary members very ably assisted by Steve finish planting 1000+ crocus in the Queen's Park. next spring tens of thousands of visitors to the park will see the Rotary Wheel and be reminded of our 30 year campaign to "END POLIO"  



saturday 17 september and  RotaryCommunity chair Frank Baldwin(the good looking one on the right) with Debbie and   Tom Protheroe.They are helping with the purple crocus END POLIO 


Rotarians at South Cheshire college encouraging students to donate to the  POLIO campaign in return for bags of purple crocus.





Rtary members enjoy the community day organised by The Chronicle at the New Lifestyle centre.on Sunday 4th september. Over twenty people entered our "What do you know about Rotary quiz" and the winner from Clements Drive, Crewe was the only one who knew that the Crewe Club was founded in June 1932. and duly won a bottle of wine.

Know your blood pressure

In cooperation with the Stroke Association Rotary Crewe hold a blood pressurre day in the market centre.

This year over 120 people had their pressure taken including Mayor Dennis Straine -Francis.  



Rotarian Neil Fearn and spaceman Athony Tibbetts of MMU (Cheshire) prepare budding astronauts for their visit into space.over 1000 parents,grandmas granddads and youngsters have taken a journey into space with STARLAB. Exploring our planets, studying the stars following some ofTim Peake's adventures

I1934  R.A.Briggs was elected only the third President of the Rotary Club of Crewe.In June 2016 his grandson Mr Peter Mehta President of the Rotary Cub of Stirling visited the Crewe club at Hunters lodge hotel and is seen here  with Crewe President Ray Stafford MBE making agenerous donation to the community work done by Crewe Club


Dr Pamila Sharma of the  Manchester University Graphene group shows members the structure and properties of Graphene. At the atomic level graphene with "holes" can be used to de salinate water, it is a great transmitter of electricity, it is stronger than steel and the commercial applications are legion.As materials go this has many attractive qualities and the  is one of the leaders in patents registered for it's applications

On saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th April 86 competitors took part in a Special Olympics of Table Tennis at the leisure centre Sir William Stanier. President of Rotary Crewe Ray Stafford M.B.E. and Community chair Frank Baldwin were among those presenting medals to the winners in the different divisions. 
President Ray presented a cheque to Wendy Beech in support of local Special needs Table tennis players


During March 2016 over 1500 young people in Crewe took part in Science events and demonstrations. Chemistry presentations proved very popular with Manchester University postgraduates showing how the various elements can exist in different forms,solids and liquids as well as as gasses

On Friday 26th feb 2016 at Crewe library a number of organisations that Crewe Rotary have supported over the last year were present to review how their organisations operated in Crewe and how Rotary has helped.

Speakers included "Men in sheds-Age Concern", Alzheimers Society,Mayor of Crewe, Rotary District Governor and local MP The Hon.Edward Timpson.Over 40 organisations were present all of whom had received a monetary grant or help from Crewe Rotary. The opportunity was taken for the groups to exchange ideas on fund raising, mutual support and for each to know how much voluntary work is done in the Crewe area. If you would wish to volunteer to help Rotary at Xmas time( one evening no other commitment) please email t.protheroe@talk21.com for further details.

Soon to be Speakers at Crewe Rotary

28/4 at 7-0pm Dr A. Vijayaraghavan (Manchester University Graphene Group) speaking on the Nobel Prize Winning discovery and subsequent development of the single atom layer -called graphene. Stronger than steel, excellent conductor of electricity etc

Members of the public are invited contact Crewe Rotary or t.protheroe@talk21.com


The following organisations have been given grants by the club community service committee.Where national groups are stated the local branch based in Crewe are given the grant. Where Crewe residents are helped eg The Neuromuscular centre in Winsford or St Lukes then grants are also made.A modest grant to help as many groups as possible remains our strategy for 2016.

Climb �200, Cancer Research (local branch) �200,C&N Carers support group �100,Donna Louise Children's hospice �200, Hope House �200, Marie Curie Cancer Carew �200, Neuromuscular Centre �200, Parkinsons Society (local branch) �200, Samaritans (local branch) �200, St Luke's Hospice �200.

Young Chef at Crewe

At the end of June 2014 the Crewe heat of "Young Chef " was held at Sir William Stanier School, Crewe. Pictured above are the competitors and judges with District Governor Derek Newman .The winners going through to the District final are Lucy Barrow sponsored by the RC of Congleton and Sean Mitchell-Goldstraw sponsored by the RC of Alsager.
Judge Andrew Panayi commented that he might adopt some of the menus at his hotel as they were so inventive, balanced and tasty!
A teacher from Sir William Stanier School commented that she is now teaching one of the school's entrants from two years ago and had been impressed by the confidence our competition had given the fourteen year old, who at sixteen now wished to obtain her GCSEs and then pursue a career in catering. Rotary at its best in service!


Please find above an important photograph when President Derek awarded Paul Harris Fellowships to four ladies from the Inner Wheel Club of Crewe on thursday May29th 2014.The Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest award given by Rotary to recognise individuals who have contributed well above the normal to the community and their organisation.  
Each lady has held the position of President and of other offices within the Inner Wheel club of Crewe. All have made major contributions to the club, to the Inner Wheel organisation in the UK, the community in Crewe and to the Rotary Club of Crewe.They have made these contributions over a period of thirty years.
President Derek highlighted the contribution of the Inner Wheel club to organisations both in Crewe and internationally where a caring element formed a major part of the club's efforts.Many hours of fun and fellowship had been enjoyed working together to help others. The Rotary Club has been thankful with support during the Christmas period when many collectors from across the town have enjoyed hot drinks and mince pies after  three hours collecting  donations.Knit &natter sessions over the years have provided warm blankets for refugees, whilst bring &buy sales, coffee mornings, charity lunches, quiz nights and many more activities raise funds.

President Sue Bushell thank thanked Derek on behalf of the four ladies.

Rotary Youth makes music competition

On March 6th in Sir William Stanier School Crewe musicians and singers from all over Cheshire and south Manchester took part in a musicians competition.

Pictured competitors with District Governor Derek Newman and organiser Tom Protheroe

Pictured District Governor Derek Newman and Sir William Stanier singer Holly Pollity who has won through to the Rotary Youth Maskes Music Regional Competition to be held in Bolton on Sunday 16th March.

                Rotary Day

The Mayor of Crewe Irene Faseyi and Mayor of Cheshire East Dorothy Flude attended the Rotary Club of Crewe "Rotary Day" This was a celebration of the clubs support for over forty charities and organisations in Crewe.                                                   Youth activities in  schools taking youngsters on adventure days,providing dictionaries,holding competitions etc         Community activities supporting dance &drama groups, young mums, Wulvern Housing Xmas lunch etc                          Overseas activities supporting "Sand Dams" Disaster Aid Boxes , Ending Polio etc                        Five organisations spoke about their activities in Crewe and Mayor of Crewe Irene Faseyi said "It is wonderful to be here seeing how many organisations are doing great things in Crewe and the support the Rotary Club of Crewe is willing to offer"

Mayor of Crewe and Mayor of Cheshire East   

Pictured L to R Mike Wycherley, Chair of the Rotary Community committee Frank Baldwin. Mayor of Cheshire East with her consort, President Derek Poppleton, Mayor of Crewe Irene Faseyi, Jerry Park, Tom Protheroe.

                    ROTARY DAY


 Pop in , have a cup of tea, talk to 30+ organisations and charities the Rotary Club of Crewe have helped in the last year.

                     St Paul's Pantry known as Crewe Food Bank

 Art groups, hospices, youth groups, pensioners, drama groups -all doing their bit



Any queries contact the club via this website

200 Wulvern Housing residents were treated to a full Xmas lunch at the Oakley Centre on December 10th. Pictured are Rotarians  Tom Protheroe and Frank Baldwin with Wulvern Housing staff. Were a finer collection of waiters ever employed? 

Wed Nov 13th 2013

On Wednesday 13th November pupils of St Mary's RC primary school met MMU students from a dozen countries learning about their language,dance,food,culture etc With a passport each they collected flags etc Thanks to the International Society and MMU

Pictured are St Mary's pupils, students from Chile, Australia, Malaysia and Grenada with President of the Rotary Club of Crewe Derek Poppleton and organiser Tom Protheroe

St Thomas More students showing the empty sauce bottles they filled as they collected over �250 to help the Rotary "END POLIO NOW" project.

          Happy Birthday Rotary !!!

On Friday 22nd February over 30 local charities attended an event at Crewe Library to celebrate the �Birthday� of the Rotary movement.

Also in attendance were: Edward Timpson MP, the Mayor and Mayoress of East Cheshire, the lady Mayor of Crewe and members of the Rotary Club of Crewe.

The event was opened by Edward Timpson MP who was followed by a number of presentations from some of those Charities attending and the Rotary Club. 

  Hilary Hamilton gave a fascinating presentation on the wide and varied work of the Wishing Well Project in the area

 more details are available at www.wishingwellproject.com

Rob Wykes gave an interesting talk on the work of Christian Concern () project which has been running in the area for some 25 years

More details are available at www.christianconcern.org.uk


These two individuals also had a surprise. In Rotary there is an award, a Paul Harris Award (named after the founder of Rotary) which Clubs may make to individuals who have made a major contribution � whilst this is usually Club Members, Clubs may give this award to other individuals.

The Members of the Rotary Club of Crewe, being aware of the tremendous efforts by both Hilary and Rob had decided to award both a Paul Harris Award. (photo below)

Three further excellent presentations were given by Charities:


St.Lukes () Hospice � www.stlukes-hospice.com

The LATH Group ( Looking After the Homeless)  www.lathgroup.org.uk

Cheshire Academy of Integrated Sports and Art � www.disabilitysports.com

In addition there were presentations given outlining some of the work of the Rotary Club of Crewe for: New Generations, Community, International but the stars of the day were undoubtedly the Charities who attended.

Club President Jerry Park, as part in his summary, commented that what he has seen and heard from the Charities on the day and others throughout his presidential year indicated that had a real community and here were prime examples of people from within that community doing outstanding work to support that community.


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  Santa is comingSanta's helpers preparing

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