85th Charter Anniversary Dinner.

Mon 4th April 2016 at 15.08 - 16.08

A report on the dinner at the Humber Royal Hotel.

The 85th Charter Anniversary Dinner of the Rotary Club of Grimsby was held on Wednesday 30th March at the Humber Royal Hotel.

President Gordon,his wife and the their guests were welcomed in the traditional manner by Rotarians  and their partners.

The toast for Rotary International & Rotary International in Great Britain

and Ireland was proposed by President Elect Mike.At the beginning of his speech he referred to his lounge suit and not a dinner jacket,and  was due to the fact that he had had a wisdom extracted earlier in the day.Mike talk about  the work that Rotary was doing  throughout the world to eradicate polio and how we respond to disasters with Shelter boxes thereby helping people in times of need.

The  response was given District Governor Margaret Taylor (Skegness Club).Margaret congratulated the club for serving the community for 85 years and presented an award to mark this to President Gordon.She had carried out  some research, on the internet, for the name Gordon.This was amongst other things, a masculine name,a  name for bicycles , gin, a Scottish clan and there  was the Gordon riots.Whereas Bulter was the name of a wine.

Our guest speaker was Hugo West from the Market  Rasen club and is an

author .Conscious of not talking about sex,religion or politics he promptly tore up of five sheets of notes. Hugo said  that Rotary was an international organisation  and members always had a warm welcome when visiting club abroad as he done on many occasions .It was a light hearted speech

It was a pleasant evening and the final toast was proposed by President Gordon.