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Charter Evening

Wednesday 12th May 2021

RC Halifax Calder Charter Evening - happy birthday to us


Zoom Charter Event

Friday 14th May 2021

RC Ossett Joining us to provide entertainment for the event is Jim Santana and the Sweet Temptation. Jim is one of the leading Elvis Presley Tribute acts who will be doing an Elvis set, and then for round two will do songs from some of the greats.

Horse racing

Sunday 16th May 2021

RC Halifax Calder 2pm start! More details will be sent nearer the time, but please save that afternoon.

Disability Games (Bradford) have had to be postponed

Rotary Disability Games (Bradford) 2020

Sunday 30th May 2021

RC Bradford Blaize Unfortunately the first Disability Games (Bradford) have had to be postponed until some time in the future because of the current Coronavirus pandemic. We will arrange a new date as soon as possible.

Brad Ashton

Zoom Event - Stand up & be laughed at

Saturday 5th June 2021

RC Bradford West Brad Ashton is an accomplished comedy writer who has worked in comedy for half a century.


The Rotary Club of Elland's Charter Evening (Zoom)

Monday 7th June 2021

RC Elland The guest speaker will be comedy scriptwriter Brad Ashton who in a long career has written for top comedians including, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Bruce Forsyth, Frankie Howerd, Bob Monkhouse & many more. The talk contains many humorous backstage stories.

Malton Masters Golf Tournament

Tuesday 8th June 2021

RC Malton & Norton Charity Golf Day - Yorkshire Cancer Research

District 1040 includes over 99 Rotary Clubs across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.  

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 Latest News and Reports

Greetings from our District Governer

Build Back Better

Despite all the challenges that Rotary has faced during this year, our Rotary in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire is growing.

New members have been inducted into many Clubs

New Rotary and Rotaract Clubs are developing

New aspect of service have been developed

Despite this growth in so many aspects of our District, some gaps have inevitably appeared. Many of the gaps will be filled once lockdown is a thing of the past, but alas not all. We all have to consider what we can do, not only to return to many of our existing Rotary activities but to Build Back Better.  We need to plan to strengthen our existing Clubs and also to seek ways to engage more people, of all ages, within the wider Rotary family.  

Let’s seek to adapt what Rotary offers within the community and create more opportunities for more people to experience the fellowship and service that Rotary can offer.

A Big Thank You- Together we can achieve so much more

Beirut Appeal

It is really heartening to see the response from Clubs within the District to the Beirut Appeal. I am sure that everyone appreciated Habib’s message to Council and at Assembly – it is wonderful that through Zoom that we could connect directly with those so closely involved in a project.  In such a short space of time over £12000 has been contributed by almost half the Clubs in the District. 

A really great result.

Lifeboat Appeal

Again, thank you to all those Clubs and individuals who have contributed to this appeal and we look forward to seeing our lifeboat launched in Filey this summer. Showing our appreciation and support for the work of the Lifeboat crews is marvellous and our Rotary emblem will be there for everyone to see.

Rotary is Adapting

Adapting Rotary is at the heart of the proposed changes to the Governance of Rotary GB &I. The proposal, which has previously been circulated, will be voted upon by your representatives at the Annual Business Meeting in May and is designed to create a governing body that provides additional stability and continuity for our Rotary. It reduces the total number of people on the governing Body where they will serve a three-year term rather than most members serving for just one year.  This proposal has been discussed at length by District Governors, Elects and Nominees and we encourage your voting delegates to approve it.

Andrew Bateman, District Governer

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