President's Handover Dinner

Sun 12th June 2016 at 11.57 - 12.57

A report on the handover dinner at Healing Manor on Wednesday 8th June.


The handover meeting was held at Healing Manor on Wednesday 8 th June. It was earlier in the month than normal because the outgoing President ,Gordon Bulter, is going on a special “mystery” holiday to celebrate a very special birthday.

The event was held in the new barn at Healing Manor and we had a very  pleasant  meal.(Once again thanks to Rotarian Roger Cropp for organising the event).

After the meal ,President  Gordon gave a speech in which he listed all the events during his presidential year. He was particularly pleased that membership  had been increased and two of whom are much younger than many of us.He then gave the chain of office to the incoming president, Mike Quickfall. President Mike invested other officers who were present at the meal.

President Mike gave a short speech in which he outlined his programme and hopes for the forthcoming year.