Planting Crocus bulbs at St Andrews Hospice

Mon 7th November 2016 at 20.19 - 20.19

John Clarke purchased crocus bulbs to support Polio Plus appeal.We planted some at the Hospice.


This year the Rotary Club of Grimsby is continuing to support the world wide campaign to eradicate polio.  This is a Rotary campaign and is supported by the Bill Gates Foundation .It started many years ago  with the intention of  eliminating polio from the world as had been done with small pox. Unfortunately it has proved to be more difficult than was first thought.There are still some outbreaks of  polio  eg Pakistan and Nigeria and we have to continue  the vaccination campaign .

To raise money to deal with this disease the Club purchased 10,000 purple crocus bulbs.(thanks to Rotarian John Clarke).£2,500 was raised by this for Polio Plus with matched funding from the Bill Gates Foundation.

Some bulbs were given to Old Clee in Bloom ,Grimsby in Bloom (for the Duke of York Gardens) , Millenium Wood and leaving  2,500 bulbs to be planted in St Andrew’s Hospice gardens.

On Tuesday November 1st four Rotarians (John Norman,John Clarke,Tony Powell ,Martyn Turner) planted the crocus bulbs in various locations in the Hospice Gardens.We were  under the charge of Paul ,one of the volunteer gardeners, at the Hospice.AThere was a   welcome break when we were treated to a cup of tea and a biscuit in the potting shed.

We would like to return in the spring to see the results of our work.