Message in a bottle

Wed 1st December 2010 at 12.00 am -

The "message" in this project is the person medical and emergency contact details which can be kept in a bottle in the fridge.

 How Does The Scheme Work?

The patient is asked to store their own medical and emergency contact details in a clearly labelled plastic bottle, which is kept in their fridge door.  Two matching  green cross labels, known to the Emergency Services and other care agencies, are displayed on the outside of the fridge door and the inside of their entrance door. In the event of the Emergency Services having to assist them, they will then know exactly where to find their important medical details.

What Does the Person Have to Do?

Find one of the designated access points in their area, to pick up their plastic bottle.  They will be available in areas such as local pharmacies, doctors surgeries, stores etc.

In the plastic bottle they will find two of the green cross labels and an Emergency Information Form.

The Information Form as completed as fully as possible using a ballpoint pen and CAPITALS.

The Information Form is rolled up and put it back in the plastic bottle and the lid secured.

The bottle is placed in the fridge door where it will be clearly visible and safe.

One of the green cross labels is stuck on the outside of the fridge door and the other is placed inside the front door (so that it is not visible from outside).

The emergency services then have all the information they need is case of emergency.

 This is an article from the County Times promoting the scheme. 

You can find out more at

Thanks must be made to the Rotary Club of Cardiff, who have recieved a Rotary Foundation matching grant, and to their helpers who have provided our Club with over  2000 personalised bottles for a very reasonable cost.