Wheelchair Training Course, Feb' 2011

Course invitation.

Dear Friend 


I am pleased to announce that, in February 2011, the Club is once again facilitating a training course for children in manual wheelchairs. The course is run by Go Kids Go! (the Association of Wheelchair Children).

Go Kids Go! is a small national charity whose mission is to enable young wheelchair-users throughout the UK to become independently mobile. Their primary objective is to equip young wheelchair-users with the skills to help them reach their full potential and also to increase their confidence. The skills and support offered through these free courses are unique, practical and fun, and parents/carers, siblings and friends are also invited to join in with the training, fun and games provided. More information about the course is available on the attached flyer and on the charity's website at http://www.go-kids-go.org.uk/skills.php.

If you know of any young wheelchair users who would benefit from the course, please make them aware of this free opportunity and ask them to apply to the organiser, whose contact details are on the flyer.

The Rotary Club of Kew Gardens is indebted to Enjoy Work at enjoy-work.com at Chiswick Park who have very kindly agreed to host this course.

Kind regards

Brigitte Faubert

Vice President, Rotary Club of Kew Gardens


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GO KIDS GO! Childrens Wheelchair Mobility Courses.

back The Courses are run by GO KIDS GO. Our task is to find a venue for a course and do much of the administration and promotion. We are indebted to Enjoy Work at Chiswick Park who very kindly agreed to host the last course.