President's Letter

President's Letter Spring 2013

When some of our members are in hospital, waiting for treatment or hoping their treatment will soon be complete we may feel rather down about things, yet we are living in a period of rapid advances in medical science. Many in our group are reaping the rewards and recovering from illnesses which only a few years ago would have been untreatable. We can help with visits and support in many ways and this is known to assist recovery alongside the medical wonders we see being performed.

Our good fortune in living in a country where such excellent medical facilities are available should remind us of those less fortunate. We have access to expensive lifesaving services and yet others on this planet die for want of a few pounds worth of treatment. Our support for charities such as Polio Plus, Mercy Ships and Mission Aviation Fellowship are ways we can show our appreciation of what we have and to put something back into the wider society.  

Rotary is looking for more men and women of all ages and backgrounds to join our group and to use their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world. We know that, by belonging to Rotary, you can enjoy the benefits of business networking, personal development, meeting new friends, hearing inspiring speakers, having a great deal of fun and experiencing the sense of fulfillment that comes from achieving something really worthwhile.

Events such as our Call My Bluff Evening on 13th March and the Walking Treasure Hunt on 29th May  are examples of activities to which we can invite friends so that  they are aware Rotary is not the stuffy tradition-bound organisation which so many believe it to be. Do remember that guests can be invited to any of our meetings.


Charter Night will soon be here (April 10th). This year there are some important presentations, an opportunity to hear from our District Governor about the wider work of Rotary and the chance to mingle and chat with old friends and new.



Yours in Rotary Service





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