Chanita's thanks to Rotary

Wed 6th July 2011

Chanita Kruss came from Pretoria on a New Generations exchange between June 7th and July 13th 2011. read of her experiences below.

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First of all I want to thank all the rotary members for planning a wonderful youth exchange! I've had an unforgetable experience!
I think the rotary youth exchange is a great idea to give young people a chance to experience a different country. It is also wonderful to live with a local family as you can see places that you never would have seen if you had come on your own. It also gives you a greater understanding of other people's cultures. I went to see a lot of historical places that is very diffirent from what we have in South Africa which I truly admired. 
I've learned so much from the equestrian yards I went to. I was absolutely amazed by how many DIY stables there was here. In South Africa we have more full livery stable yards, were the grooms muck out, give food ,groom etc. and you can just go and ride your horse without having to do all the other chores. I appreciate our grooms now as I realised it is a lot of hard work mucking out a stable everyday! I've also had a chance to experience diffirent dissiplines of horse riding other than what I am used to at home. It has surely enriched my knowledge of horses and I am excited to go and share it at home!
I would recommend the rotary youth exchange to any young person. It is an exciting way of learning more about your career, seeing places you haven't even dreamed of seeing, meeting wonderful people and growing in yourself.