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Mon 22nd August 2011

weekly news 22/08/11

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Notes on the meeting of 22nd August

There was a faltering start to the evening's performance since all of the major players: Grace (David) Attendance (Nick) & President (Allan) fluffed their lines! Thankfully, everything went well upon their second attempt.

Our more than ample meal was followed by a harrowing account of the needs of local folk for the provision of food by Christchurch's Food Bank held at St. Josephs, Purewell.  Members were shocked to learn, from Nick Coghlan, that it wasn't just societies' dropouts that required support.
There was also concern over the wastage of food from Supermarkets. (See 'Tressel Trust' and 'Faithworks' Web sites)  Bob Burrows gave the vote of thanks.


  • Thanks were expressed to Mike and Tom, Dick & Eric for organising last Monday's BBQ on the Beach. Also to Brian for providing the beer and to Martin for being Martin. Despite the weather and cold feet (those not wearing socks,) the event raised