Following a pilot scheme last year by the Barnstaple Link Rotary Club in
conjunction with the charity Carewise to bring awareness and help for Young
Carers in North Devon other Rotary Clubs in Devon have joined in to make an
activity weekend on Exmoor an annual event.

Young Carers from all over Devon descended on the Calver Trust on Exmoor at
the weekend to take part in a range of outdoor activities giving them
respite from their roles as young carers. The youngsters look after maybe
their Mum and Dad, brother or grandparent who may need help because they are
unwell, disabled, elderly or could have mental health, drug or alcohol

The young carers are unique individuals who give practical and emotional
help. Theyare  doing shopping, cooking, cleaning, look after their brothers or
sisters, give medicine or help with mobility.

The weekend gives them a complete break from their duties and a chance to
meet other children in the same situation.