Disease Prevention & Treatment

The club supports two major charities which both help those with mobility problems.

Wheelchair Foundation http://www.wheelchairfoundation.org/ several shipments of wheelchairs have been made to Africa especially Mali.

Jaipur Limb http://www.rotaryjaipurlimb.co.uk/  

Jaipur limb

Jaipur Limb makes and distributes a specially designed robust and economical artificial limb designed in India. The limbs are distributed usually at limb camps where up to 3,000 people attend and are fitted with a new limb that will last for 3 to 4 years if worn with a shoe. The effect is to allow the wearers to return to work and support themselves and their family instead of being reliant on hand-outs. Unlike a western artificial lib costing well over

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Tanzania Sanitary Pad Project 2023

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St Andrews Garden Update

more St Andrews Garden Update March 2024

International Meal

more On Sunday the club organised an International Meal at Giannis restaurant. With 47 people attending, Gianni opened the restaurant for this special occasion and after lunch members attempted a Quiz on Italy set by Rotarian David Brown. A policy decision has

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Phillipines Crisis

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This year's show of crocus in bloom

End Polio Crocuses this year

more End Polio Now, purple crocus

Volunteers Purpling Penrith in the pouring rain yesterday

Purpling of Penrith

more Penrith turns purple before going orange Central Penrith has come alive with colour. On 26 February a band of volunteers decorated part of the town in purple knitwear! This is a fun but it also has a serious side. Penrith Rotary Club with Eden Mencap

The photo shows, from left to right, Judith Markey (Chairman of Governors at Beaconside), the Beaconside School Ghana choir led by Emma Short as part of the fundraising effort for the Ghana trip,  Peter Markey, Emma Short, Pres David and teacher Sarah Ut

Beaconside School Ghana Trip

more Emma and Sarah will be departing soon for Kumaffi in northern Ghana, where they will work in an orphanage, caring for and teaching the children, under the auspices of a charity named Plan My Gap Year.  They have paid for their own expenses and raised more

International Meal

more International Meal at Roundthorn Country House Hotel Sunday, 4th March, 2018. 12 noon for 12.30 p.m.

Penrith Show


Disaster Relief




Mali Presentation


300 bikes to Gambia


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