weekly news 7 /11/11

Mon 7th November 2011

weekly news 7 /11/11

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Notes on the meeting of 7th November


Snr.VP Jon ably chaired the meeting. Understandably, there were no apologies from the Quick Break team, hopefully enjoying themselves in the sun! Bill had made a Club Visit to (his old club) Thornbury's 40th Charter, now a 'serious' bunch with a Past DG and four assistant DG's among their membership!  Jon gave a report of our attending DG Caroline Millman's pep talk at Highcliffe R.C:  'Raise the Bar, Do more, Do better! Apparently we're already one of the best Districts within Rotary GB&I! R.I.'s going to scrap the annual Theme and just go with 'Service above Self.' Jon had also attended PEPS (President Elect Preparation) giving him further insight into the organisation of the District and Group 3, and had found it an interesting learning curve. Highcliffe & New Milton R.C. are keen to interact.

It was good to see Barry looking so well after his recent vascular surgery.



  • Bill reported that he'd had a wonderful evening at the Ringwood Music and Dramatic Society's Soiree. But he'd found it a bit rude! (Oh dear, their standards must be slipping. It's normally very rude.)
  • Mike invites members to have a look at Bransgore's pages on the District Web site, if you have difficulty logging on then contact Mike for help. One of the issues coming up at next Saturday's District Council Meeting (all welcome) is change in R.I. bye-law not to expect 1st class travel at Rotary's expense!!! Next Monday is a Business Meeting; Mike would like reports from all Committee Chairs.
  • Roy's proposed Swimathon has unfortunately sunk through lack of support. But the idea isn't 'dead in the water' and Roy plans to hold the event next year, but not so close to Christmas.
  • Boxing Event: Friday 25th Nov. Raffle Tickets still available for sale. Also, contributions sought for Hampers; one of 'booze' the other 'for Christmas' as prizes. Further Auction prizes (Barry) and sponsorship welcomed. Contact John, Terry or Brian. David needs the cash!! And Les has the tickets in Lanzarote! There's a room available at the Carrington for just