/ Ohh so saucy!!

Wilkin and Sons Ltd have kindly donated thousands of bottles of special Rotary Tomato Ketchup and members have been busy using it to raise funds!

Wilkin and Sons Ltd of Tiptree in Essex - loyal supporters of Rotary - have again geneourasly donated their products free of charge to Rotary to use for fundraising towards eradicating Polio.

This year thousands of bottles of Rotary Tomato Ketchup have been delivered to Rotary Clubs throughout the South-East.  And Medway Sunlight has been using its allocation to good effect - 42 bottles have been sold and consumed and  those empty bottles are being used to collect small change in offices and workplaces throughout Medway.

To date over £201 has been raised from those bottles that have been filled and much more is expected to roll in over the next few months.

If you would like a bottle to collect coins ask one of the members or contact Bill on treasurer@medwaysunlightrotary.org.uk.

Rotary has been working hard with the World Health Organsiation and the Bill Gates Foundation to eradicate Polio - one of the most disabilitating doseases children can catch.  To date the disease has been eradciated in over 95% of the world and it is now endemic in just 4 countries - India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Ghana.  We are this close to eradicating it - one final push may be all that it needs - please help.