Sports/ Gavel Challenge Update - 12.12.11

Your Club Gavel Needs You!!

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Our Gavel Campaign this year got off to an inauspicious start when the team of Greig Hill; Neil Spriddle; Alistair Durkie; Andrew Gillies; Stuart Nicol; Roger Templeton met Cowdenbeath Rotary Club at Cowdenbeath Bowling Club on 9th November.

The more attentive amongst you who know the gavel rules will have noticed that the list of names above are two short of the requisite eight, which meant that some poor unsuspecting bowling club member who had dropped in for a quiet pint was press-ganged into our team, along with the club steward. unsurprisingly, we came second in this encounter.

Our team of Greig Hill; Neil Spriddle; Alistair Durkie; Ian Borland; Derrick Marks; George Primrose; Andrew Gillies; Dave Riddell next fixture against Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay Rotary Club on 24th November at Dunfermline Golf Club, Pitfirrane surprised themselves by running out winners by a comfortable margin.

The third fixture was fulfilled by the team of Greig Hill; Neil Spriddle; Alistair Durkie; George Primrose; Stuart Nicol; Roger Templeton; Dave Riddell; Sandy Paton on 8th December at Dunfermline Golf Club, Pitfirrane, but this time with ourselves as hosts. With two games drawn, three won by Dunfermline Carnegie, West Fife, by winning the remaining eleven games recorded their second victory of this tournament, sending sport historians rushing to their reference books to see when last the club won two fixtures in a row.

Our final fixture of the round is scheduled for this Wednesday 14th December, where we are hosting Dunfermline Rotary Club at McKane Park (as the golf club is unavailable). The team of Greig Hill; Stuart Nicol; Roger Templeton; George Primrose; Neil Spriddle; and Robert Haig are still two members short, so could you all check you commitments and see if you can manage to fill one of the two gavel-player-voids for this Wednesday evening, and let me know asap.

Your Club Gavel Needs You!!

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