Community ServiceCommunity Service is the range of activities which Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community.

Many official Rotary programs are intended to meet community needs, whether it be to promote literacy, help the elderly or disabled, combat urban violence or provide opportunities for local youth.

So what does Rotary do for Astley?

If you are a member of the general public you can be forgiven for thinking that the answer to the above question is "They come round at Christmas on floats and collect money", as this is probably the only time that you come face to face with a Rotarian.

However, the Rotary Club of Astley is working every day of the year in your community without you realising it.

Astley Rotary's Christmas FloatThe money that is collected at Christmas and the other fund raising events throughout the year is distributed back into the community on numerous worthy projects.

This year, money raised from the Christmas float meant that 50 elderly people were given Christmas food hampers.

Within the local area the Rotary Club of Astley is noted for the scale of its activity and involvement in local projects.

In the past, the club has been involved in projects in and around the Astley area such as:

  • Participating with other clubs in the planting of one million daffodils in the Astley, Leigh & Wigan area.
  • The revival of the Astley Village Fayre after a gap of 30 years.
  • The annual Christmas float.
  • Helping to preserve and maintain a site of local heritage, Dam House.
  • Fund raising for Derian House children's hospice.
  • Support for many local groups within the Astley area.
  • Jointly with six other Rotary Clubs in the Wigan MBC area, purchased a Life Education Unit which is a mobile classroom aimed at preventing drug and alcohol abuse in school children.

All of this work goes on without any fuss or bother, simply as a result of Rotarians being willing to give their time and expertise to help the people of Astley.

Community sub-pages:

The photo shows one of the many beds of daffodils that are now in bloom and greatly enhancing the appearance of the club's land.

Leigh Miners Rangers - Daffodils Spring 2012

more Earlier this winter, we provided flower bulbs to the Leigh Miners Rangers Rugby League Academy. With the assistance of volunteers from the Princes Trust, the bulbs were planted all across the grounds of their club house on Manchester Road, Leigh.

Charity Dinner & Boxing Show

more In association with Tyldesley Centurions Amateur Boxing Club. Friday 7th December 2012

Astley Green Colliery


Life Education Unit


Dam House


Daffodil Planting


Garden Project


and the winners are ....

Astley andTyldesley Cycle Speedway - British Individual Finals

more A terrific day's racing was witnessed by a crowd of around 500, who packed into the Gin Pit arena.

New Bikes for Astley & Tyldesley Cycle Speedway Club


The Dictionary 4 Life Project

more The Dictionary 4 Life (UK edition) helps Rotary clubs to promote Literacy within local schools.