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Rotary is a worldwide service organisation dedicated to improve the quality of life for all people.

 For the Rotary Club of Radcliffe

Our Mission: Service Above Self given directly to the Radcliffe community and through our fundraising to NW England and across the world.

Our Vision: By 2020 we want our Club to be fully representative of the diverse community that is Radcliffe with at least 25 members.

Our Action plan: Secure the full commitment of likeminded people as individual or corporate members to support our mission and deliver our vision in conjunction with associate members and a broadly based 'Friends of Radcliffe Rotary Club' group who are keen to work with us but unable, in the first instance, to commit to membership.

Typical activities:

  • Help for victims of the recent floods.
  • Christmas party for the Over 70's.
  • Support for young carers through 'Kidsout.'
  • A gift to every Year 6 pupil in a Radcliffe primary school of an illustrated Dictionary for Life.
  • Santa's sleigh ride through the streets of Radcliffe.
  • Daffodil bulbs planted on the verges of the roads to Radcliffe.
  • Float entered in the annual Radcliffe Carnival.
  • Financial support for Teenage Cancer Trust and Manchester Cancer Research Centre.
  • Financial support for the worldwide End Polio campaign.

If you are interested please complete the following template and we will contact you asap.

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