International/Foundation Committee


Chair - Eddie Blair


Rupi Grewal

Roy Joffe

As well as supporting the National and International initiatives of Rotary for example the Purple Pinkie campaign, we are this year undertaking a new venture to support Roy Joffe in his efforts to send football and sporting kit to children in Uganda. Pics...

Rotarian Roy Joffe has sent another large batch of school equipment to Kabale Rotary Club in south East Uganda. What started off as a small venture sending unwanted football kit to a single school, has now grown into a much larger challenge, our Club now supporting a number of communities and their schools with a much wider variety of items - these being for girls as well as boys. to date he has sent approximately 10,000 pieces of clothing and equipment.

Roy has had an email from the coordinating Rotarian in Kabale, James Ndomirwe, who has told him that,  because of recent landslides and floods, one of the schools has been left completely devastated and in spite of having very little before, now nothing. They cannot wait to receive the new batch of donations.

Roy is always keen to receive and pass on more goods, he has found local School lost property centres to be a good source of supply, as well as school uniform stockists with out of date styles. Any throw away items would be of great value to us. Roy wants to ensure that there be no cost to any donors, and would arrange collection of donations, so if anyone has access to unwanted, unusable or old stock of schoolwear, equipment and/or sports kits, Roy would be delighted to hear from you through Havering East Rotary Club.


Little Angels Primary School, Uganda

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Uganda Clothing Shipment

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