Foundation and International

Supporting international development in health, education and the relief of poverty.

The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of Rotary International and is supported solely by contributions from Rotarians and friends of Rotary. Through Foundation grants, Rotarians are able to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. A major source of funding for the End Polio Now campaign is the Rotary Foundation and we are continuing our commitment to this.

Recently, a Foundation grant was received to assist an initiative of the club aimed at supporting an individual, Cass Walker, working in a sustainable education project in South America.

The club has supported many International projects, mainly in the fields of water aid and disaster relief. Most recently, we saw the completion of the N'Giresi pipeline and water tanks that provided fresh clean water to over 3000 villagers. We also completed a joint project with the Rotary Club of Bulawayo South to provide a borehole water supply for a school and local community in Zimbabwe. 

The club is a major contributor to a joint project with other clubs, led by Dawlish Water RC, to provide Sand Dams to village communities in Kenya. The club has also contributed to a sand dam in Mumbani which was led by the Rotary Clubs of Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted and Bulbourne. Sand Dams are the most cost effective way of storing and harvesting seasonal rainwater in some dry parts of the world. They also empower the local communities allowing them to develop their agriculture and become more self-supporting. The construction is managed by Excellent Development, a not for profit organisation, but is largely carried out by the villagers themselves. 

A swift response to major disasters has always been at the forefront of the club's priorities. Supporting ShelterBox therefore remains a key objective and every year the club raises sufficient funds to buy several boxes.

Foundation and International sub-pages:

Over £690 raised for Sand Dams during Lockdown

more Raising funds to build sand dams in Kenya

Sand Dams

more The Rotary Sand Dams Projects bring huge benefits to the Community

Cass Walker - course end at Harvard

more Cass Walker's final report following her Masters course at Harvard

The tap being turned on to provide the first supply of water to N’Giresi Primary School

N'Giresi Water Project

more A project to bring clean water so children could go to school.

Cass, Helen with the children of Paltacocha after the Christmas present drop.

Cass Walker - Founder of SelvaKids

more Cass Walker is being supported by Rotarians in Devon during her course for a Masters Degree in International Education Policy at Harvard, and will receive a Foundation District Grant.