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Community and Vocational Committee
Plans for the Rotary Year July 2017 -18

  • To continue to support the Life Education Caravan.

  • To continue to offer our support to the organiser of the Keswick to Barrow walk

  • To Run the Tin Collection for the Homeless. 

  • To continue to assist the Royal British Legion with their  annual Poppy Appeal .

  • Look at other worthwhile project within the community  that requires our physical support.

  • Continue to Collect the Bar codes from Yorkshire Tea Boxes.

  1. We will encourage members to serve others through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards

  2. Become familiar with business activities within our community through vocational visits

  3. Have at least two vocational visits each year

  4. Encourage the application of the 4 Way Test through member’s businesses and professional lives

  5. Ensure all new members are aware of the 4 Way Test through the orientation process

  6. We will promote the application of high ethical standards in the business community

  7. Acknowledge and promote exceptional Business Standards through annual “Pride of Workmanship” awards

  8. We will endeavour to improve life within the community

  9. Commit resources (energy and or finances) to improve our community