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Publicity and Public Relations are activities which are never static, and the work of the Club PR Group is no exception to this rule. So it is useful to remember the PR Group's original terms of reference, which were approved by Club. These were:

 To ensure appropriate Club activities are made know to:

- the local community, and

- the Rotary movement, especially District 1240

To report the Group's actions to Club Council.

Since that time the scope of the Group has been widened as circumstances change, the most important additions being:

Liasing with other Havering Rotary Clubs over PR issues through the Havering Inter-club Group

The oversight of the increasingly important Club website

The recognition that the important moves in relation to publicity by RI and Rotary GB&I will impact on our own PR efforts, and

The increasing need to involve ourselves with representatives of the local media

It is against this background of constant change that the PR Group's report for the Rotary Year needs to be seen.

PR Support for major Club activities of a recurring nature

Sponsored Walk during September annual event

Events organised by the Havering Inter-club Group

Christmas Collection

Blood Pressure Day annual event during April

The Club Website

PR Support for new major Club events and activities

The work of the PR Group, which can be considered successful , depends primarily on the help it gets from all members of the Club, and the Group would like to thank Fellows for this support both in the past, and - we know - in the future

Terry Monk Convenor PR Group 

Committee Chairman: Terry Monk

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