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Rotary in our Community

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Community projects are important to members of the Rotary Club of West Fife.

Fund raising projects contribute to the community programme and that is augmented with Community Suppers that rotarians host.

Proposals include:-

Community Suppers
Encourage members to respond to this social event.  Remind members that  'Suppers' can take the form of lunches and BBQ's.

Senior Citizens Night Out
Ensure we continue to target the neediest groups.   Establish that time of year {May} is most appropriate.

Shoe Box Appeal
When distributing empty boxes obtain indication of maximum groups feel they can support.

Kids Out
Check with other support Clubs as to the amount of Rotarians require to be present.

Stroke Awareness Day
Establish re defined date and make arrangements. 

As our potential Members are drawn from the community it is felt this Committee should take a community initiative to target new Members.

Having reviewed some of the leaflets available via RIBI it is felt we should design our own.   The first leaflet drop would be North Queensferry then moving on to selected areas of Rosyth.  The bigger target would be our West Fife Villages.

We recognise we will have to enlist the support of other Club Members in the leaflet design and obviously as many as possible in the distribution.   This is an ongoing project throughout the Rotary year.

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