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RYLA     successful 2017 candidates, Shannon Burke and Derran Brogan gave interesting talk about their experience. Unfortunately very poor response from both secondary schools despite hand delivered letters, emails and phonecalls. However have been put in contact with Harry Law currently completing Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver award in DAS class Queen Anne High School and Lewis Crozier promoted by Mark Todd.

EUROSCOLA  successful in achieving place for Becky Campbell. Shannon Burke, our reserve was funded by Dunfermline Rotary. Feedback from girls was a fantastic experience.

Decided not to pursue these programmes this year – Youth Exchange, New Generation Service, Interact, Rotakids, young Citizen.


Decided would like to organise Young Musician & Technology Challenge. Approached Libby Seath, Carnegie and Alan Mutter, Dunfermline.

YOUNG MUSICIAN held at QA in December. Very positive response from all 4 secondary schools. Robert McLaughlin Shorthouse, jazz guitarist, won Instrumental section. Alice Stevenson WHS, the Vocalist section. Quite a spread of standard. Have discussed changes for organisation next year.

YOUNG WRITER Writing received from St Serfs, Culross, Tulliallan, Milesmark, Torryburn, Carnock and Limekilns.
Junior winner     Grace Campbell, Carnock an outstanding piece of writing.
Intermediate    Lucas Brown, Tulliallan, best in this category.

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER    entries from Tulliallan, Carnock, St Serfs, Camdean
Junior winner    Megan Woods, Carnock
Intermediate winner    Keira McGurk, St Serfs
Special Awards, Sophie, St Serfs, Julie, St Serfs, Allie, Camdean

A Different Perspective display of Writing and Photography from all 3 rotaries from 30th April to 12th May in the Kingsgate on the wall on the upper level outside Debenhams.

PRIMARY SCHOOL QUIZ    8 schools entered this year, Carnock, Cairneyhill, Crossford, Culross, Saline, Torryburn, Inzievar and Camdean.

Congratulations to Crossford. Next round 25th April in Dalgety Bay PS

TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE _    joint organised event to take place on Monday 25th June in St Columba’s. donations of £500 from both Babcock and Exxon.

Did not pursue Young Chef, Youth speaks.


Target 1    to encourage more involvement from greater number of primary schools in Primary School Quiz, Young Writer, Young Photographer

8 schools participated in PSQ
7 schools submitted entries for Young Writer
4 schools submitted entries for Young Photographer
12 schools out of 14 were involved in at least one competition.
Carnock Primary School participated in all three.

Target 2    encourage more involvement from Queen Anne and Woodmill High Schools in RYLA, Euroscola, Young Musician, Technology Challenge

Young Musician very successful. 24 pupils either involved as Instrumentalists or Vocalists
Woodmill student, Becky Campbell, successfully chosen to go to Strasbourg as part of Euroscola
2 young men attending RYLA in July 2018
Teams from each secondary taking part in Technology Challenge

Target 3    involvement and support in primary school projects
Supported pupils in St Serf’s primary in their construction of a Goblin Kit Car. Fund the cost of overalls, helmet and gloves.

GOALS 2018-2019

Consolidate current involvement 
Encourage and support  Holy Name and Blairhall in pupil entry to at least one of the competitions 
Organise new competition Young Artist 
Implement different organisation of Young Musician

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