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John Waterhouse

Presidential Message

I was invited to join Blaize by Alan Morrell in 2007 and bizarrely became President just three years later. So this will be my second term and today circumstances could not be more different. Back then we had 24 members and held regular weekly evening meetings in the Bradford Club. Today we have 19 and we currently meet virtually on Zoom. But we are still going! And we are still doing Rotary with several recent donations to local and international good causes, all of which need any help we can give, actually more than ever.

Our first objective for this new 2021-22 Rotary year must be to get back to meetings in person and to preserve our membership. Difficulties with parking and access at the Bradford Club pose a problem and we are currently debating venue and time for our meetings in person. We must find a combination which maintains our total membership, recognising that we are not as young as we were. Hopefully those who want, will be able to get together from early July assuming that progress in tackling the pandemic continues.

In September we celebrate forty years of Rotary, again hopefully with a party at our house in Idle. Maybe also with an event later at the Bradford Club our home for all those years.

Having attended several zoom meetings with our ADG, Caroline Murie, including District Assembly, pre-Peps and Bradford 10, I am fully aware of the challenges facing all our Rotary clubs and the way some are responding or trying to respond. Blaize finds itself somewhat out of step with some of this discussion, not that we are unwilling but rather that we feel unable to, for example, embrace a younger and more diverse membership. It is true we value our fellowship and would not want to lose that or even for it to be changed significantly. But this “togetherness” does mean we probably do present a rather daunting proposition for a potential new member. So younger and more diverse men and women would probably find more attractive alternatives! And we are pleased that such alternatives – virtual, informal clubs based more on projects – have been created in Bradford. If we can work with them  in some way we would be delighted to do so.

That said, we are determined to keep going with our Rotary work and fellowship. Hopefully we will hold our charity Golf Day at Ilkley later this year and hence raise a goodly sum for good causes in Bradford and in the wider world. In the meantime, our immediate priority is to resume meetings in person, start having some fun again and ensure the welfare of all our members.

John Waterhouse

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