This committee deals with international projects and disaster relief work.

Plans for the year:

John Barrow (JB) (Chair), Barrie Birch (BB),  Pierre Richterich (PR), Robert  Askew (RA), 

No Committee Meeting has been held, either physically or virtually, prior to putting together this ‘scratch’ programme for 2020/21

Given the current ‘Lockdown resulting from COVID-19, Committee will work ‘ad-hoc’ to a greater extent than usual, thinking on its feet as the Year progresses, and reacting with alacrity to openings it may perceive as the COVID situation changes – for better or worse

Intended Outcome of Meeting
Member to Lead
1. Polio Plus
Speaker from District – either Virtual or Physical
Improved knowledge for Members - given the COVID-19 situation worldwide, and its effect on the Polio-plus programme: Potential delays, and the effect on ultimate delivery of a Polio-free World
2. Shoe Boxes:remaining stock)    Final batch
Fill the few Boxes we have still in stock:
Collection hoped for via Bradford West
3. Sals Shoes:
Collect and send to south of England)   Speaker (RC Aireborough)
Collections (to Robert’s Barn) 
Donation of £1 per Pair of Shoes (see Wesite Link)
Cost to deliver ? - to be established
4. Sand Dams for Kenya
(Club Grant Application under way)  £500 Club Donation (provided in 2018/19) + District Grant £500
Donation depends on Funds raised at District via RC Brighouse. Blaize Trust is holding an amount of £1000, to establish whether the Scheme can raise sufficient Funds during 2020/21
5. Shelter Box
Talk (Contents tailored according to need in situ)    £590 for ONE Box – either Virtual or Physical
Speaker and Viewing of Box Contents Donation possible
6. Remote Village in western Uganda
Womens’ Workshops making Bags & Clothing   Canon & Chris Mitchell - 01535 631837: christexart@gmail.comTalk with Slides.  Clothing / Bags available to buy. No Direct Donation is sought. Currently, there is no certainty of a Physical or Virtual Meeting
7. Saltergate Children’s Home Ethiopia:
Schooling & Care etc – Kevin Morley. Club determined in 2019/20 to provide continuing support for this Project
Virtual / Physical Further Update/ Donation £250/£500
Alan Morrell on request

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