This committee deals with international projects and disaster relief work.

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Plans for the year:

Barrie Birch (Chair), Committee Members: Anthony Gill, Mohammed Atif

I am a great believer in continuity of effort at each changing Rotary year and wish to build on the work done by Tony Gill and Atif last year.

One of the issues I would like to raise with Members is that of the level of giving to major international disasters. We are all I think sensitive to the deplorable state in which our fellow human beings live out their lives. Through the efforts of John Watson, Atif and their team members together with John's sister a very successful curry event raised a large sum of money for flood disaster in Pakistan. John's sisters company saw to it that funds found their way to a responsible contact. (It would be interesting to see how the scheme has progressed.)

We are however reliant on our Charity Golf event in raising a significant amount of money resulting in modest donations to our chosen charities. This situation will apply again this year unless we can come up with something to match the Curry Evening.

The question is do we contribute to the global need for financial help at times of crisis or do we focus on local issues that attempt to improve international relationships within our Community. The saying is that "every little helps" and with a limited budget a small amount can make a significant impact to a small local group struggling to survive and will enable us to publicise our efforts in the local press.


We now have no formal twinning with VL80 but friendships have been built over the last 30 years and those of us who last went to Vlaardingen felt that informal exchanges could still take place. Such arrangement would not involve the Club but anyone interested would of course be informed.

Ongoing Projects

The eradication of Polio is still an ongoing theme with Rotary and it is intended to support the campaign. However we need to discuss the feasibility of reaching the areas in war torn environments where the combined efforts of Rotary and Bill Gates will have little opportunity to contact those who are trying to help.

Projects for This Year

  • VisionAid
           Continue to collect as before.
  • Shoe Box Project

We will continue to support this project which involves very little effort by members and friends but has a significant impact on the beneficiaries of the scheme.

  • Peace Fellows

Notwithstanding some scepticism about the significance of the University Peace Fellows programme it is felt that the District effort to support the Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar held at the end of October should be continued.How many of us would be prepared to visit an area of conflict and want to try and make the world a better place. A lost cause - maybe - but without someone making an effort nothing will get done.

  • International Themed Visits 

In a multi cultural City there are many opportunities to improve our understanding of international issues. Kala Sangam in Bradford is a typical example but we need to reach out further.

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