This committee works with the other committees to help them raise funds for their individual projects to support charities locally, nationally and internationally.

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Plans for the year:

M. Atif (Chair), Derek  O'Hearne,  Keith Howard, Robert Allan,  Peter Meredith, ++CLUB

Charity Golf Match
This project is our main fund raiser of the year to provide funds for other Committees within the Rotary Club of Bradford Blaize who require funds for specific projects and also for “general” charitable purposes.

The Blaize Annual Golf Classic (28th Holding) was at Ilkley Golf Club on 19th June 2019 – and we raise d over £5,000 for charitable purposes – mostly used locally.

In addition to the funds raised by the Golf Tournament other funds are raised by: -

  • The fining of members at Rotary meetings (and if appropriate guests) due to their bad/inappropriate behaviour or because they fail to do their Rotary duties.

  • Raise money from those participating in the Blaize Trailers’ monthly walks who each contribute £1 per walk – the current sum raised and not spent stands at c£1,000.  Previously, via this revenue source two disaster/shelter boxes have been purchased.

  Also two other projects are in the early stages: -

  1. Peter Meredith is looking at a number of small fun things to do that would each raise a small amount of money.

  2. Atif is looking to have a Charity Dinner with the aim or raising at least £2,000. Funds would be shared between two charities - Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford and some other charity from within the local South East Asian community. It is anticipated that this will take 6 month to plan.

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