This committee deals with projects involving young children in the local community.

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Committee Members John Waterhouse (Chair), Tony Ashton, Keith Brown

1.    RYLA 2017. We are sending Colin Li, a 16 year-old, first year A-levels student and selected from Bradford Boys Brigade. Cost £475. Colin will speak to us about his RYLA experience on 30 August. 

2.    We have been again asked to help Bradford Girls Brigade with mock job interviews and these are planned for the autumn. We are seeking help from RC of Otley Chevin who have a well-established methodology developed with Prince Henry’s School, Otley.

3.    KidsOut 2017 will be on Wednesday 14 June. We are again sending three classes of children from Bowling Park Primary to Lightwater Valley – some 90 children - again on a 50/50 basis with the school at a cost to us of c£700. Blaize members are very welcome to come along – tickets can be procured at £12 each if I know numbers - and I shall go to the school at 8.45am to see them off. 

4.    Dictionaries for Life. Courtesy of John Watson and Community, we are again providing dictionaries to 90 pupils in the next year 5 at Bowling Park Primary. No doubt Pres Graham, John and I will present them in September. Once again our indefatigable scribe, Barrie Birch, will be working his way through all the names.

5.    Bradford Schools Drug Prevention Initiative. Unfortunately support from schools has diminished and the school I was die to assess did pull out at the last minute. We hope it can be revived. John Barrow has continued to be on the BSDPI approving committee. 

6.    Life Education Bradford, where I am a trustee and chairman, continues to struggle to find new schools to take up its anti-drug and pro-healthy lifestyle services. Hopefully the new government policy which emphasises health and well-being, particularly child mental health, and which comes into effect from September 2018, will stimulate take-up. In the meantime Life Ed continues to have a funding gap which it attempts to fill through sponsorship.

7.    An offer to support a Rotary Youth Speaks initiative (debating contest) at Belle Vue Girls School did not bear fruit as the teacher involved was unable to see it through. This reflects the experience of Rotary clubs elsewhere – the pressure on schools and teachers, both financially and on time, seems to be having an increasing effect. Progress seems to depend on the enthusiasm of individual teachers with specific links with Rotary. 

8.    Without claiming any credit, it should be acknowledged that some other Blaize members do contribute to other Youth activities in the Bradford district – David Burrows continues his life-long dedication to Boys Brigade, John Watson and Robert Allan listen to young children read in school. There may be others.

I propose we continue with these activities in 2017-18. Essentially it means we do support some Rotary Youth activities financially even if we do not have a more active involvement, given our geographic position and lack of obvious ties to schools, particularly senior schools.

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