Rotary Foundation

Rotary's own charity supporting Clubs to "Do Good in the World".

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's own charity. Across the world Rotarians, through the generosity of their locall commuities raise over $400m every year for their chaorty.  This money is then spent by Rotarians on projects, initiated, organised and overseen by Rotarians locally and internationally.

The Rotarins in Garstang and Over Wyre use Foundation money for the benefit of the local area and internationally. Projects have included, repairs for local, uninsured, amenities damged by flooding and the purchase of play equipment. Further afield we work with a Rotary Club in Gorkha, Nepal to provide villages with piped water and COVID relief.

Rotary Foundation sub-pages:

Planting the bulbs

Purple4Polio Planting

more Planting 20,000 crocus corms in Garstang