Contributing to the local community

All the members of the Rotary Club of Wokingham either live or work in Wokingham. It is our priviledge to support the local community, either directly, or through
the support of local charities.

Helping local schools

Our club helps some local schools, for example by providing them with books or helping less well-off children to take part in school trips. We also contribute to the Life Education program, which provides schools across the country with resources and trainers helping young people to do healthy choices. Several schools in our area regularly benefit from this program.

We support several schools providing for handicapped children, organising for example days of exciting activities for these children. Click here for an example)

Helping the local community

Each year,  the Rotary Club of Wokingham organises several activities intended to help members of the Wokingham community. Here are some examples.

In coordination with the Stroke association, our club organises in the spring a "Know your blood pressure" day, where members of the public can have their blood pressure checked by medical professionals, in the Town's Market Place. This helped warning many people of unexpectedly high pressure levels, allowing them to seek assistance from their GP before they become victim of strokes.

For most of us, the Christmas period is a cause for rejoicing, and have a wonderful time with our friends and families. Some families do not have such chance, struggling to make ends meet. Each Year, the Rotary Club of Wokingham helps many of these families by providing Christmas parcels or vouchers, allowing them a few threats at this festive time. click here for more information.

Our Club also distribute birthday presents to selected elderly people of Wokingham.

Participating in local festivities

It is with pleasure that the Rotary Club of Wokingham participate in multiple town festivities.

residents can visit our stand at the May fair and the Winter Carnival. Our Club actively supports the Live Advent Calendar organised in December in the town Centre.

Our members also contribute their time and efforts in the organisation and marshalling of the Cantle Park Fireworks, an event that brings together thousands of spectators and helps to raise money for local charities.

Contributing to the local community sub-pages:

James B and Nick C-W outside Waitrose 16/12/2023

Photo c/o Ian Hydon

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