Website Manager

Website Manager

We hope you enjoy using this web site and find the information within useful.

The site is quite easy to use and one can easily add a report by using the 'Add a Page' function which will automatically be sent to all registered members.

An on-line tutorial is available plus I have a PowerPoint presentation which lasts for about 25 minutes after which you should be a real expert. Please let me know if you want this.

If you find any errors, omissions or mishpelings, I would be obliged if you could inform me of such so that they may be corrected.

Above all, please remember that this is your web site; your additions to it will only enhance the appeal of the site.

The site is being continually updated. If you cannot make a meeting, you will find details of what was discussed under a committee called 'Weekly Meetings' usually sent out the afternoon following a meeting. A prĂ©cis version is sent to The East Kent Mercury for publication.

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Two Monthly Diary

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The Rotary Wheel

The Rotary Wheel

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Publicity leaflet

Publicity leaflet for Rotary use

more Publicity leaflet for Rotary use


The Inauguration of the Rotary Club of Deal

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Panoramic views of Deal


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How to access the web site


Rotary Videos on You Tube


Refer a Member

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