This committee is responsible for finding new members and retaining existing members.

David Burrows                                                   

Strategy for Growth:

At the heart of our success as a club is our friendship and fellowship values that we will offer to all new members who will benefit and enjoy being part of the Rotary Community.

There is a great depth of experience at the club which is readily available to support, mentor and guide prospective new members. All prospective new members will receive a warm supportive welcome.

Having lost two members in the last 18 months, our membership has reduced after remaining relatively constant for several years. It is expected that new member recruited will be of a lower age than our current average.

We remain committed to our belief and policy of diversity, openly welcoming people from all backgrounds. We are looking closely at the ideas of Associate Members, Satellite Group and Corporate membership. We will also explore opportunities with the friends of our members who are approaching retirement and now looking to contribute to the society and seeking fellowship.

Our international work is very important in providing relief to many people in distress around the world, but this is not always understood locally. In agreement with our incoming President’s policy we wish to explore and concentrate on our local community even more than we do at present to share the virtues of Rotary locally. We have sometimes adopted a low profile locally with charity work and projects, even though we are often heavily involved thereby missing opportunities for attracting new Rotarians. Through the use of face book, social media and other advanced means of technology we intend to raise the profile of Rotary.
Having said that we have tried in the past to proactively attract members without any success. The real success comes when we make personal invitations to people that we meet and all members are strongly encouraged to seek out new members in this way.

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